Women On Computers = Bad Moms???

So I read something that I just found really interesting. I know this topic has been around and talked about many times before but I wanted to express my point of view on this because I am a stay at home Mom who blogs and does other tasks on the computer. According to some people's perspective, they see women who spend time on computers (blogging, photo sharing, etc.) as being careless mothers. They feel that whatever time a woman is spending on the computer, is taking away from time she should be spending with her child. Now I can see and appreciate these beliefs...to a point...

In a way I understand this, and in a way it offends me. I understand it because child neglect is not at all that uncommon. And with all the various sites on the net (social networking, dating, free downloads of EVERYTHING you can imagine at the click of a button), it is easy for one to get caught up in all the "hoopla". However, are they trying to say women who blog or do other tasks on the computer do not pay attention to their children? Is it just the fact of being on the computer, or is it because it also provides a degree of entertainment? What about parents who work from home? If I received a large, fat, steady paycheck in return for everything I did on my computer, would that make it more justified? If I'm doing all my household chores (dishes, mopping, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, etc), doesn't that also take some of my attention away? If it's cold outside and I stayed home in my pj's all day and let my daughter stay in her pj's all day, does that make me a bad Mom? If my baby has food on her face and I wait to wash it off because I am going to give her a bath, is that considered neglect? Where does it end?

Now I will be the first to admit that I do quite a bit of work on my laptop. Especially now that I am trying to finish that digital scrapbook before Mother's Day. Also, we just recently moved and don't have all our stuff here with us yet. There is a t.v. in the house which is usually being occupied. So if I want to watch a movie, play music or anything to that nature, my laptop is open.
However (and that's a BIG however), my child is in no way ignored or neglected. In fact, my child is with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is one happy, healthy little girl. We play, read books, sing songs...I encourage her in reaching all of her new milestones (walking, crawling, etc.) She is only 9 months old and is already talking (she actually knows how to say some words) and is only a few days away from walking completely on her own. Even her doctor is surprised at how advanced she is. Now I'm not saying all of this to brag (although I've been known to do that on occasion, hehe), but rather to make a point. She sure as heck didn't get this way and learn these things by sitting in a pack n play or a swing all day while I "played" around on the computer. She eats breakfast at the table with us in the morning and I always sing to her then put her down for a nap or to bed. It's not like I lie on the couch all day and let her fend for herself, or let her sit all day and fall asleep in a swing or walker while I blog. I couldn't even if I wanted to. It was easier when she was a newborn and took more naps. But now at her age, she won't even sit in her high chair for more than 15 minutes!

The point of my whole post is that it all comes down to balance. Women are great multi-taskers in general and with everything we do in today's age (working, cleaning, cooking, taking care of our children and the household while still finding time for ourselves) it's no wonder why we are given nicknames such as "Super Moms". We learn to balance life while still maintaining our priorities. For some of us, this comes natural...for others, we learn as we go. Either way, as long as your children are happy, healthy and safe...then blog on sisters! All of those people who judge and criticize, have apparently not learned how to keep their priorities straight.

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  1. Very cool to see you got a blog.... what is the coolest thing about a blog that i have found is that you can make it into a book later on... Anyway i gotta run cause i am on the verge of being a bad mama...LOL


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