Baby In A Box

And in the drawers, in the cupboards, on top of the tables, climbing up bookcases, jumping on chairs, flipping off the couches...these days, everywhere seems to be Punkin's own private jungle gym. And it's been even worse since we've been out here in Vegas. Not so much baby-proofing going on. Not that that ever stopped her. She was climbing over baby gates when she was 9 months old so that whole idea was given up a LONG time ago! Also, the hot days here in LV make it IMPOSSIBLE to take Haley out to the park or for a walk every day like I usually do. But lately, it's been REALLY bad! Just a few days ago, she had a long scratch on her cheek, a busted lip, and a huge black bump right above her right eye. It seriously looked like I beat her. And one would think that after falling once or twice, she would learn her lesson. Well, one would be completely WRONG! In fact, her favorite thing right now is doing somersaults off of the bed! Not her little bed...I'm talking huge, tall, big people's beds! Yes, I try to stop her. And in some cases I do, which she then gets in trouble. But other incidents are more like her getting ready to do it, me telling her she is going to fall if she does it, her moving a little closer, her falling and then crying. Which is followed by me saying "See???". Which is then followed by her getting right back up there and trying it again! I guess one day she'll learn. Until then, I will at least try to keep her face from not having so many bumps and her legs from not having so many bruises. But when you have a stubborn and determined child like I do...you probably won't succeed.


  1. Oh, kids nowadays do behave like that.

  2. A lot of the kids I tutor are the same way, even while I'm tutoring them! :P Kids seem to bounce back pretty darn quick.


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