Angry Letter Vol. 1

Dear Mr. Man That Is Sitting In Front Of Us On The Airplane,

I would just like to start by saying that I don't know you and am not trying to come off as a mean person or anything...but perhaps, you can be so kind as to look behind you next time you decide to fling your seat back. Maybe you would have noticed a very tired Mom with a very energetic child on her lap. Now, I am not saying that you are not entitled to recline your seat. Please, do so. After all, they allow you to do it so that must mean you have to, right? However, I am pretty sure if you would have turned around and seen my toddler standing, dancing, kicking, jumping sitting on my head, arm, face, chest, lap, you would have been a little more compassionate before throwing your seat back, therefore, smacking my baby in the head. Maybe you just didn't know. Maybe that wasn't you looking at me struggling to get situated in my seat before take-off. Maybe you were sleeping with your eyes wide open. Maybe you were dreaming that you were really here...

...and not in a Southwest airplane, which caused you to want to get as comfortable as you could. And you have every right to be comfortable. I know that you and I probably paid the same price for our tickets and you are entitled to do whatever you want. I am sure that maybe you just don't care because it is my problem and not yours. It is my own fault for having my child sit on my lap for 7 consecutive hours, right? Well, here is the thing...there is a little something called "common courtesy". Perhaps you have heard of it, perhaps not. Either way, when this common courtesy thing gets thrown out the window, it tends to rub off on me. So, excuse me for purposely accidentally having to raise my leg every 2 minutes and bumping your seat. Excuse me for not really
caring paying attention to my child and letting her pretend to play the drums on the back of your chair. Excuse me for singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" twenty times in a row really loudly right in your ear. Oh, did we disturb you doing your crossword puzzle? I'm so sorry. I guess that must mean it IS your problem now. Oh, thank you so much for raising your chair! You didn't have to do that! We promise not to touch your seat again. Thank you for being so understanding and COURTEOUS!


Agitated Mommy and Hyper Baby

*Photo courtesy of Google Images

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