I Want One of These!

So lately I have been looking at extra equipment and accessories for my camera. I have found a ton of websites and a ton of forums that were filled with a bunch of different people all giving their opinions of their favorites. I am currently looking for a new macro and wide-angle lense. I saw the cheap $20 ones on eBay and Amazon and wanted to do a little research on how well they performed. Most people said that they are crap and it goes back to the old saying "you get what you pay for". Some people said that they work well considering their price, but you will have to sacrifice a little on quality. Something that I am not willing to do when it comes to my pictures.

I had seen a lot of professional photographers talk about their favorite lenses that are superb in quality. One brand that was mentioned quite often was "Tamron". I immediately checked them out. While they cost a little more than what my budget can afford right now, I am definitely willing to wait to make sure I have a great quality lense. And Tamron seems to be just that.

So imagine my surprise when I find out that Clickin Moms (a wonderful site that you need to check out if you are a pathological picture-taker such as myself) is having a giveaway for a Tamron lense! After I was just reading about them yesterday! I am definitely not the luckiest person around and that is why I usually never enter to win anything. But this one just seemed to good to pass up...

You can find out about this amazing giveaway and enter to win here. I wish you all good luck although I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win it! :-)

*Photo courtesy of Clickin Moms

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