Reflections of Motherhood

I was going to post my regular 'Sunday Devotional' tonight. Punkin and I had another wonderful morning at church. I left there feeling very inspired by the message. I have actually been feeling that way after every Sunday morning gathering since attending this new church, which is how I know it is a perfect fit for me. Unfortunately, the rest of my day was not so good. Not just because I have finally been attacked by the cold that has been going around everywhere, but for many other reasons. For sake of not raising my blood pressure (again!), I will just leave it at that and touch upon it later on. Needless to say, the rest of the day took away all of my happiness and inspiration that I had been filled with this morning. I didn't want to write about anything.

Tonight I was looking at a friend's Facebook page, which led me to another facebook page, which led me to a blog, which led me to a whole bunch of other places. I have been crying most of the night since putting Punkin to bed. I have been reading some amazing stories from some amazing women that completely touched my heart. I will not get into it in this post (I know you all are probably hating me right now for saying that so many times), but I feel like their message is so important, and I want to share it in a post of it's own. I promise I will do that very soon! And I promise I will write about what has me stressing out so bad lately. And I promise I will write a Sunday Devotional from this week. I also have to do a post for another award I received and am so grateful for. But not right now...

Because I found this video. It made me cry and smile at the same time. I don't know if I cried because I was already feeling very emotional, or because it feels good to not feel alone. To not feel alone in this whole "parenting" thing. And it feels good to know that none of us are perfect. We are all just trying to do the best we can for our children and our families. And we sometimes mess up. And that's okay.

This is for all of you Mothers out there!

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