The 101 in 1001 Project: I Am Challenging All Of My Readers!

So, I came across this amazing website and wanted to share it with everyone. I think it is an awesome idea and I can't wait to start! I actually start tomorrow! I have also seen it on quite a few other blog pages and I think it's great. So now I am challenging all of readers to try it out!

This project is basically making a list of 101 goals for yourself and completing them in 1001 days {about 2.75 years}. I like this idea because, unlike New Year resolutions, this actually gives you a decent amount of time to complete your goals. I have added a page to the top of my blog so you can see a little more of what this project is about and you can also see a list of all of my goals. I will update it as I go and blog about each goal completed. I am so incredibly excited about my goal list and can't wait to start checking them off!

I strongly urge you all to check it out! It's highly motivating! If you decide to participate in this challenge, please leave me a comment so I can check out your blog. I would love to see the goals you all set for yourselves! Good luck!

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  1. Loooove your blog! I've been millinga round for 30 minutes now, checking it out! This is what I want my blog to be more like but I am clueless on how to make it work :(
    Your punkin is adorable!!


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