Right now I feel like I am in high school. It's pretty sad when you have to block people on Facebook, and that's exactly what I had to do. I might just delete my Facebook altogether. I won't get into details but let's just say that I should be able to comment on a friend's picture without someone saying anything about it {an ex, for example}. I definitely could have said a whole lot there for everyone to see. Maybe I should have. But I didn't. I'm not going to stoop to that level. Sorry, but I'm not 15 years old anymore. And I have my daughter to think about now. Someone once said that you should never do something that you would be ashamed of if your kids found out. I find that interesting. Not because we haven't all done something in our life where we hope our kids never find out or hope that they never repeat the same actions, but because there are people out there who continuously make bad choices without any regard to others. They don't see how all of these bad choices affect the people around them. And I'm blogging about this because this place has become my outlet. I am not going to start name-calling and bad-mouthing people. I can definitely get into everything if I really wanted to. But I'm not. Because that's not why I do this. In fact, I even thought about going private with my blog. But I'm torn with that one. I have received messages from people who have told me how much one of my posts touched them...or how relieved they felt when they read something that I wrote because they were going through the same thing...or how one of my devotional posts connected with them and maybe restored their faith a little. These are the kind of messages that amaze me. That make me feel like everything I do here is worth something. I feel like God has called me to tell my story and share it with others. If I can help just even one person from blogging, than this whole process has been worth way more than I could have imagined! There are just certain risks you take when you put your life out there for people to see. It's not so much a security thing I worry about. I never give out what is considered private information. But there are always going to be people who have something against you for some reason and will try to do whatever they can to bring you down. Even if it's just saying something small and meaningless to ruin your day or make you feel stupid. These are people who are so miserable in their own lives, or they have let jealousy and envy take over their emotions and their actions. Something that I am working on right now ~ not letting people like this get to me. I'm trying to learn forgiveness. This is something that I struggle with immensely. 

So, as you can see, I am not a perfect person. I never claim to be perfect in any way. My whole life is nowhere near perfect. In fact, more often than not, it's a complete mess. I actually don't believe in the word, "perfect". I don't believe "perfect" exists. I look at it more as a word to describe what one sees through their own eyes. In my eyes, my daughter is perfect. Does this mean she never cries or whines or runs around the house trying to get into everything? Does it mean she will always get good grades and never get into trouble? Of course not. She is perfect because God created her perfectly just for me. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She makes my life better. She makes my life complete. So she is perfect. That is partly why I created this blog in the first place. Not just to show off pictures of my daughter {although I think all of us Mommies love to do that! Ha!} or to show off what I have and places I go and things I do. Because there is a lot that I don't have. There is a lot that I want to do and can't. This blog is about the good and the bad. I am going to make mistakes. There are times when I am going to feel like I am failing as a Mom. And I will share that too. I'm not going to have the nicest house on the street or the nicest car. I can't afford to take extravagant vacations to exotic places. And that's okay with me. I don't need all of that in my life to feel happy. My life is "perfect" just the way it is.

So, my blogger friends...if any of you have any haters in your life...I have just one suggestion...block 'em! It helps! :-)

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  1. I struggle with forgiveness too... Its hard when the person or people so no remorse for what they have done... I went to a marriage conference a couple weeks and one thing (although there were many) that you could apply to your life outside of marriage was empathizes.... You dont always have to be sorry for your actions but if you at least empathize with the person it makes it better for both parties... I think the world as a whole needs to practice this... I know i need to... ( i struggle with the privacy thing too)

  2. Thank you for sharing this...I used to have a hater in my blog sometime 2 years ago and the sad part is this person who keeps on bashing and leaving negative comments knows me personally but this person was too chicken to leave his/her name..he/she always comments anonymously in every entry and I have to admit it do really affects you negatively, so instead of retaliating..i blocked the person and I changed the comment settings of my blog, it needs to be approved first before it gets published and it really helped and worked. :) No matter how good a person is there will always be haters out there...I guess all we need to do is to be more patient and pray for them.

    ♥hugs and be safe♥

  3. I've had online haters before, it's annoying. One anonymousness hater, I don't know if it was just some internet troll or someone who knew me but created an online account dedicated to leaving me mean messages like "I hate you, you are fat fat fat and need to go on a diet!" it makes me laugh now but yeah, it's not fun to receive negativity that you did nothing to bring on yourself. I like you attitude about it all, and perfect is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  4. @ Ashley: I totally agree with you. It's not so much being sorry for everything, but some people are so in denial about the things they are doing. They believe everything they do is okay...even when it is hurting those around them.

    @ ChinaDoll: You are so right! Right away, I get so angry at people like that...when really, the first thing I should be doing is praying for them. And I am working on the patience thing! ;-)

    @ Candace: Yes...it is so annoying, ESPECIALLY because it's probably someone who knows you personally, but like ChinaDoll said, is too chicken to let you know it's them. And I can't believe someone would say such hurtful things! It really makes you wonder about their own sanity! Especially to dedicate so much of their life just to put you down!

    Thank you all for sharing your comments. It's nice to hear from other people and know you are not alone in certain things.


  5. I had to do this too. A certain someone sent me a message on facebook asking about 200 dollars or something. Answering my phone is stressful enough. I shouldn't be getting that when I check what is going on in my friends' lives.

  6. Haters are every where in life, it's sad really. It must be a sad life to have to seek out those to knock down, when really they are down themselves. I guess it helps with their denial. It definately makes it hard to keep our Christian tongues huh? Lol!! And some times we don't (At least I slip sometimes). I'm following back from Not So Perfect Mom, thanks for the follow!! Being a blended family is hard! Keeping the peace is the hardest, I think. Especially since we have two ex's to deal with!!! My ex and I rarely speak, for we can't seem to be cival, so I keep contact through his wife. We get along fine (at least face to face). As far as the hubbies ex, like your's, I don't believe she is exactly mental "there" either. That is the only explantaion I can come up with at least, and she is the source of most of our drama. But you can't let your guy's ex keep you from having a happy life. Although I could do with out the drama ex, I could never imagine not having my daughter, or hubby. Good luck, and if ever you need reasurrance, message me up!!


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