It Is Done!

So I made the switch. I did not go through and switch the URL...I just went with a custom domain {since I would have had to start from scratch if I changed the URL anyway}. So my new site will be www.loveandpancakes.com. Love and Pancakes will also be the new name for my blog. I will be changing my header within the next day or so. The new address does not work yet. As far as I know, what happens now is I am still at www.thechroniclesofarookiemom.blogspot.com. In about 3 days, my new site will be ready. Blogger has informed me that when my new address is ready, they will automatically redirect all of my followers to my new site. Let's hope that it goes this smoothly! 

So that should take care of the issue of having broken links when trying to link to my current blog from somewhere else. The only downfall will be that I am almost completely positive that you {my readers} will no longer receive updates from my blog in your readng list. This can be fixed by just re-following me. I know this is a pain but I would really appreciate it. I value you all so much and would hate to see any of you go! If you don't want to do this, you can always just subscribe to my posts by entering your email address and clicking 'subscribe'. Or you can follow me via Networked Blogs. I am not worrying too much on blog traffic right now. I know that I will lose quite a bit of traffic as well as all of my search engine links. That's okay. Hopefully with time, I can build it back up. I am very happy now with my new address and hope there are no issues when the transfer takes place. Thank you to all of my readers for being so supportive!

By the way, I am pretty sure that this post won't show up in your reader. So I will be doing my very best to visit all of you individually to leave my new address on your blog. So expect a visit from me soon! :-)

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  1. Confirmed. It does not show up in the reader.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this post did show up in my reader.


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