My Thyroid is Thinning My Hair and Making Me Fat!

Now, I pretty much expected there to be a few changes when I had my daughter. I knew the 30 pounds I gained with her was not going to be easy to work back off. Especially since my weight has always fluctuated like crazy anyway. What I didn't expect was to still be struggling with it almost three years later. Despite eating healthy and working out on a pretty regular basis, I just couldn't seem to shed those many unwanted pounds. I also ALWAYS gained the weight in two of the most obvious places: my face and my stomach. Really? Couldn't the weight just kind of randomly disperse itself throughout my whole body so it was less noticeable? Anyway, there were also a lot of other changes. Right after I had my daughter, I started noticing a tremendous decrease in my energy. I seemed to be tired and not really feeling well all most of the time. I figured it had to do with having a baby that sucked away everything absorbed all of the nutrients in my body. But over time, it started to slowly get worse. I would get tired doing the tiniest things. I became winded easily when I played outside with my daughter every day. Then there's the whole hair loss thing. Okay, so I have incredibly thick hair that is naturally incredibly curly (yes, I straighten it...don't judge me) and for a long time it has been pretty long. So yes, my hair falls out all of the time anyway. But when you are pulling out about 6 handfuls of hair in the shower, and another 5 or 6 handfuls right after and during brushing, then that's probably not a very good sign. I don't know how I still have thick hair. I actually don't know how I have any hair left at all.

So, after doing a little research, I found out that all of my symptoms (I didn't mention all of them above because I could be here all day complaining talking about it) are symptoms of having a thyroid problem. Which I kind of had already guessed. So I decided to go have it checked out when I had my regular check-up. The doctor did a feel around my neck and they also did some blood work for it. Upon the inspection of my neck, the doctor told me that she felt a lump. Whaaat??? However, I would need some other tests (and ultrasounds and scans and who knows what else) to determine exactly what it was. The good news was that when the results for the blood work came back, I was told that "even though the levels were elevated, they are still within the normal range". Wait, that is good news right? Either way, I knew that it was something that I had to get taken care of right away. Thyroid and throat problems do run in my family. My mom had nodules on her vocal chords that needed to be removed and my aunt had thyroid cancer. We don't want to take any chances. They did tell me that the blood tests for the thyroid can tell a lot. The blood tests determine the thyroid's hormone levels and can tell how your thyroid is functioning. If my test results are normal and I do have a lump, it is most likely a nodule or cyst that would need to be removed. Apparently it is pretty common to have normal test results even though you have a cyst. 

I go in to the doctor tomorrow. I am not exactly sure what kind of tests are going to be done. I do know that now that I have had time to think about what is happening and I have been doing a lot of reading, I still have many questions. Most importantly, what it is exactly that is going on with me. Hopefully, I walk out of the doctor's office tomorrow with some of those questions answered. I will keep you all updated. Prayers would be greatly appreciated at this time!

By the way, I was told when you gain weight due to your thyroid, it's usually always in your face and stomach. Your neck swells making your face look fuller and the same with your stomach. Interesting, huh? Here I thought it was just me and my bad luck. Also, if you have hypothyroidism, even the most rigorous diet and exercise program may make you unable to lose weight.



  1. I hope everything goes well with you! I have Hashimoto, which is a type of thyroiditis and I am tested every year! So,don't worry you will get the necessary treatment and you will be fine!

  2. Hope everything goes good. I have a lump, nodule thingy in my neck too. I felt it & had a CT scan but they said nothing suspicious showed up. I didn't have any other symptoms.

  3. Sorry to hear you you are going through this..I do hope everything goes well at the doctor's office. It's great you went to see the doctor when you noticed
    changes in your body...so many of us wait too long!!

  4. Just wanted to say Hi, found you on a blog hop, following now. But also...I had the SAME problem. Exactly. But I wont tell you that I quit going to the doctors because all the pills in the world werent helping and when I stopped taking them in late summer...I felt same, and now I think I should go back just to check my levels...but I was sick of going to the doctor for it just to hear...we will wait a year and see how it goes. I had the lump and it was - nothing? Just had elevated numbers...even though I was hyper I was getting fatter....losing hair, cranky, tired...moody and had a rapid heart rate. So without meds...I feel tired, headaches...but no weight loss at all, my youngest is going to be 2 in Feb. I wonder why soooo many women experience this now? my doctor made it seem...NORMAL.

  5. Your post was like reading my last year. I had my baby 2 years ago and yes the baby weight is never ending. I work out, I do yoga, I eat well, and crap nothing works. I go to the doctor and they test my thyroid and my level were within range. Yet I never felt really good ever. Then they find three lumps and I had to have a byopsy done in October. They came back cancer free and said they were just nodules I will have to keep my eye on and have ultra sounded every year. So the word was nothing major, just a lot of hormones messed with my body by having my baby. I pray the same is for you. Just keep the faith and everything the nurses said the chances are slim of something bad and even if it's supposable the most curable. I hope that helps.

    PS. found your blog on the friday blog hop and am a new follower.

  6. Make sure you see a good endocrinologist about your thyroid. I was told by my family Dr. that my thyroid was fine for my age (however it was clinically below normal) and then 2 years later I almost died because my levels were so low. I was told it was nodules and given a prescription. Still the pills couldn't stabilize my thyroid levels, it would change from hypo to hyper. Finally the the Dr. sent me to an endocrinologist who said I had been diagnosed and treated wrong, it was advanced Hashimoto's which is an auto-immune disease. My thyroid is 98% dead. If I had been diagnosed and treated properly from the beginning it would have slowed the progression of the disease. Doctors don't know everything, follow your gut. I hope you get better advise than i did.

    I'm here from Friday Hop Till You Drop. Followed you with FNB. Hope you follow back! Cheryl

  7. I really love you blog and am a new fan.
    Can You please follow me back? (:


  8. Best of luck with your tests, and I agree that you were right to know your own body and that something is 'off'.

    New follower from Friendly Followers Hop :)

  9. I agree with what Cheryl says. Get a good endocrinologist. The lump may turn out to be a harmless goiter (common) and you may be able to treat the condition with medication. But you should go to the right doctor to find out.


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