Health Update

I'm sorry that is has taken me a while to update all of you on what's been going on with me. When I did this post about me possibly having a thyroid problem, I received many great comments and messages from all of you. All of your concerns, your advice, and your prayers mean THE WORLD to me! The reason I haven't posted an update is because there isn't really anything to update you about. When I went in to see a specialist, she dismissed me having a thyroid problem before even hearing anything I had to say. She did not want to do any tests on me and said that the lump in my throat was probably being caused by acid reflux! I know what you are thinking...because I thought the same damn thing! Anyway, I have since been to the doctor twice, however, a change in insurance has left me...well...let's say it has left me in that familiar creek without a paddle. March 1st is when everything with my insurance is supposed to be straightened out and I am hoping by then I will be able to get some answers. It has been very stressful and exhausting on top of many other things. I am so lucky to have readers like all of you and ask that you just continue to keep my family and myself in your prayers...for everything! And I promise all of you that I will let you know how it all turns out!


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  1. I hate dealing with insurance! I hope everything is straightened out soon so you get some answers.


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