Hello my lovely readers. It seems like forever since I have written anything and I apologize. Things have been so busy in the Love and Pancakes household, but in a good way. I am proud to say that I am getting back to one of my first loves...blogging! And I am enjoying all of my other loves as well, including cooking and photography. I have been doing many photo shoots for friends and family and word have mouth has made it's way around. I have been offered my first paying photo jobs and although I am completely ecstatic, I am a little self-conscience since I don't feel like I am where I should be yet to start charging people. Which is why I have decided to wait just a little longer and also why I have decided to further my education through the New York School of Photography (online, of course!), something I am super excited about it. As far as cooking, I have been wanting to take that a step further as well. I am going to be trying to get a permit so that I am able to sell some of my goods at the local farmer's market. Another thing that won't happen right away but is going in the right direction. All of this in addition to juggling work, taking care of our home, church and church activities, home-preschooling the little one, looking for schools and sports/dance enrollment for Punkin, and being a wife and mommy. It's a crazy life but this is the kind of crazy that I love!

I had an epiphany the other day. I realized just how much I miss the blogging community. Blogging as well as reading and supporting other bloggers. And with my little break, I feel renewed with a new sense of inspiration. Where as before when you feel like you have no new material and are wondering what to blog about next, I now feel like I have so much to share and offer my readers. The Hubby is also taking more time to dedicate to his blog, and I will share with you that information soon. Over the next couple of weeks I will be doing many posts (I promise this time, ha) as well as cruising on over to my other favorite blogs for reading and to catch up with everyone. I like to wait until Haley visits her dad before doing all of my computer work. I am in the middle of creating a couple of websites as well as trying to get all of my pictures organized and backed-up so I will be around quite a bit. Just want to say a big thank you to all of you who continue to follow this blog (which will be getting some changes of it's own soon) and who continue to support me. You are just as good of a support system as my real-life family and friends and I appreciate you all! I leave you with this little story I found a little while back. It was found in Google Images and the author is unknown, however, I found it to be a beautiful and true story. Have a lovely day everyone! 


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