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Everything that I post on my blog about photography, are things that I am learning as I go. I say that numerous times throughout my blog. I share the tips and things I have learned along the way, here. I am always playing with my photos, as far as shooting and editing. This includes: angles, lighting, composition, textures, colors & contrasts, cropping, watermarking, etc. If there are any professional photographers {or amateur ones who are also still learning} out there who want to share tips or have any other helpful advice, you are always welcome here to do so. In fact, I ask that you please do! However, criticizing or putting down someone's work and/or opinions is not considered helpful. As bloggers, we are family. We are here to support and help one another, whether you are a professional with over 20 years of experience, or an amateur just starting out. We all have had to start somewhere.
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