Busy Bees

So, lately I have been trying to find a new church that we can start attending since we moved. We had a very good one out in Vegas and haven't really found one out here yet (we should really be on top of that), mostly because I haven't really felt settled in yet. Then again, it's probably because we aren't, haha. So anyway, last night I had finally made up my mind on which one to try first. I had copied down directions and everything so we could be ready to go in the morning. Well, the last couple of nights Jay and I haven't been sleeping very well. So needless to say the mornings have been rough, and this morning when we got up, we all (I mean me, Jay and Haley) fell back to sleep and slept right through the alarm! I felt so bad...and guilty! So I listened to a sermon through a podcast and we all promised that we would be there in person next Sunday!

Then punkin head and I got the experiment bug. So we decided to do a little science and make some discovery bottles. We filled bottles with water, food coloring, oil and glitter. One we filled with rice and pom poms. We will do more of various kinds later on when we get more materials. These bottles help to develop a child's observation skills, predictability, scientific concepts, and thinking skills. See, those 6 years as a pre-school teacher were good for many things! =)

Aunt Gretchin made us this one

So after making our discovery bottles, we decided to drive to the next town and visit a near and dear friend to Jay's family. Her name is Maxine and her health is not good. In fact, it's expected to get worse (please keep her in your prayers!). We go to her house and let me just say she is one amazing woman! As nice as can be and a true woman of God. She has written stories of her life experiences (which I read all of while we were there because it was so good!) and she loved Haley! I am so happy that I finally got to meet her and that she finally got to meet punkin head. And since now that she is unable to leave her house, we will be over there a WHOLE LOT more. I pray that everything goes well for her and that her days are easy.

After leaving her house, we went to Sam's Club (love that place!) then stopped for dinner. Here is a glimpse of what dinner looked like at Steak n' Shake:

Yeah, that hat didn't stay on long. So anyway, time for me to bid thee good-night. It has been a long day and Punkin Head and I have to get up early tomorrow. It's our first play date! Yay! Will post on how that goes tomorrow.

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