Such A Tease

Ok, so now that I have this site set up to how I want it, it's time to focus on Haley's scrapbook. And boy do I have my work cut out for me. I only have 5 pages done so far! I was doing so well and was knocking out pages like nobody's business then all of a sudden I couldn't get back in my groove. Maybe because I felt the need to finish this site and some other stuff first...or maybe it's because now that Haley is getting older, she wants attention...CONSTANTLY! I mean, even if I get up to go to the bathroom and Jeremy is with her, she falls apart. It's very strange because some moments she would rather play with her toys and not be bothered. But those moments are getting less and less. But either way, now I'm ready! I feel I have found a good balance between devoting time to projects and punkin head. These are the few pages that I have done so far:

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