Working or Playing?

So, here I am...another day of working on all my projects. I have this site that I'm still trying to put together, plus trying to keep my Shutterfly site updated (since that is how our now-so-far-away family can look at the hundreds of pictures of Haley that I take on my daily basis), and then there's the big Mother's Day project. The Mother's Day project is basically a book of Haley's first year. But it's actually a lot more than that. It's our first year as a real family. Haley experienced many "firsts" throughout the year and Jeremy and I experienced many "firsts" both as a couple and as parents. It has been one of the roughest years of my life, but also one filled with many blessings. I mean, c'mon! How can you look at this face and NOT feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

I have put a lot of hard work into this book (which is actually my first digital scrapbook) and I really hope I get it done in time. I have to have it done by sometime mid-April, or before, to give printing and shipping time for the company who is putting it together. It's going to be a little hectic...at the end of March we are flying out to California for 2 weeks to celebrate Haley's first birthday with my friends and family. Jeremy's parents will also be driving out there from Vegas to be present at the joyous (and somewhat saddening!) event. I'm super excited! Anyway, since the book is of her whole first year, it's only natural that I include her 1st birthday pictures. Which will mean that I have to wait till after the first week in April to actually complete the book. So after her party I will have to get my butt in gear and not only finish the book, but put the order in. I have a good feeling about it though. I'm actually kind of excited. Doing all of this stuff is actually really fun and what I love to do so instead of saying I'm "working" on something, I should say that I'm "playing".

Hey, looking at this picture gave me an idea for a post! Starting on Friday I will be doing what I call "Flashback Friday" where I will post a picture from the past. The picture could be from 40 years ago, or just the week before, but either way I think it will be really neat. Yay!!! =)

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  1. You should link up with another girl that does the flash-back friday thing.. They have a bunch of stuff like that.. not me mondays,truthful tues,wordless weds,things about thrusdays,fill in the blank fridays, top ten fridays, and then the flash-back fridays... Its crazy, all the stuff they do