Sweet 16

With all the chaos that has been going on, I forgot to mention that Punkin turned 16 months a few days ago. And as I'm writing this and constantly glancing at the title, it makes me sad to think that one day I will have to write a different kind of "Sweet 16" blog. My little princess is already growing up so fast...but I am not going to dwell on that just yet (Lord knows I don't need anymore stress right now!). So I am going to enjoy these times while she is still a baby young and continue to thank God for the biggest blessing He has ever given me.

I was going to attempt to write about a few of her major milestones, but I am not quite sure where to start! At her last check-up, the doctor informed me that when it comes to height, maturity and intellect, she is almost a year ahead! She has the actions of a two year old. Crazy! I mean, in a way it's a good thing...but, c'mon! This is my baby we are talking about! A down-side to this is because she is so mature, people feel the need to treat her and scold her as if she were older and should know better. They forget that she is still a baby and is going to still act like one at times. Mommy doesn't like this and I'm definitely going to start putting people in their place. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that is what I'M here for!!! Anyway...I better leave it at that before this happy, cute post takes a turn for the worse. So yeah, she is pretty smart. She is now finding it a blast to take ALL the words she knows and form sentences. She is able to tell me when she wants to go to bed and when something is hurting her (which, if you read a previous post of mine, you know that this came in handy!). If I give her something to eat or drink, when she is finished she says "all done!" or if she is not in the mood to eat or drink she will say "I don't want it!" That is something new and I find it extremely cute, except when I really want her to eat or drink what I gave her. She is saying "please", "thank you" and "excuse me". She is learning to clean up after herself (food and toys). If something is hot she says, "hot, hot!" and waves her hands in the air. She knows most of her body parts...she can point them out as well as say what they are. She knows a lot of people by name and will often say their name (or shout it) when she is trying to get their attention. She knows how to say a lot of different types of animals and even mimic the sounds they make without hearing it first. But I think my all-time favorite (and something she has been doing a lot lately) is when she says "I'm happy" and gives me a hug. And this is ALWAYS followed by her asking me "you, happy?", to which I ALWAYS reply "yep, I am definitely happy!"...and that is followed by another hug. And I'm not lying when I tell her every single time that I'm happy. Because it's moments like that, that make me the happiest person alive. I couldn't imagine anything greater, more fulfilling or more rewarding than being able to share a moment like that with my daughter. So before I break into tears, I will leave you with a couple of pictures of her latest obsession...hats!!!

She had a nasty bruise on her cheek!

Can we say, goof ball???

I love my little Punkin more than words can describe. She is the air that I breathe and without her, I wouldn't be living.

And if anyone messes with her, THEY won't be living! I'm not saying nothin', I'm just saying...

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