17 Months & Counting

A few days ago, Punkin turned 17 months old. How amazing the time flies! Didn't I just do her 16 month post??? She also had her check-up at the doctor. Let me tell you a little about how that day went...so as we are driving to the doctor's office, Punkin yells at me from the back seat, "Owee!!!" Thinking that it wasn't anything major, I just told her that it will be okay and we were almost there. Then she yells at me again, "tummy hurts! owee on my mouth!". So I turn around to look at her pointing at her mouth and very quickly am able to read the look on her face. At that point, I knew EXACTLY what was going to happen next. And about 2.5 seconds later, she was vomiting (in very large quantities) all over herself and the car seat. I am going to admit that I started to panic a little. I mean, I have worked with children of all ages for 7 years and have had to deal with things that I wouldn't even want to be reminded of. But this is the first time Haley has ever thrown up (minus all the spit-up accidents that took place when she was a new baby). Even when she has had the flu, we were still able to bypass the whole vomiting and just deal with the other stuff. And she had been feeling fine that day. No fever, nothing unusual, playing like normal. I was pretty sure that she had just got car sick due to the bumpy ride (thanks a lot road construction!!!). Still, it was weird. So I start heading home to get her cleaned up. Thank goodness I still had a lot of time and the doctor's office is only down the street. The funny thing, was she was still laughing and talking to me after the whole incident (bless her heart!). So as I'm driving to the house, I hear her calling from the back seat again. This time she is saying "bug! bug!". In my mind, I am thinking that she just feels itchy or has a hair on her or something. Then she starts screaming "BUG!!! BUG!!!". I turn around again and see a fly crawling across her leg. I start laughing. Then I feel guilty for laughing. Here is my sick, helpless daughter screaming as though she were about to be eaten alive and I can't help but just laugh. She has never cared about bugs before. In fact, she is quite fascinated by them. If we were outside, she would pick up any bug, hold it right in front of my face and say "eeewww" (to which I always reply, "then why are you picking it up???"). Maybe it's the defenseless feeling of being strapped in a chair with something crawling on you and not being able to do a whole lot about it. So I told her to say shoo, fly! Then I rolled down all the windows. A minute later, I ask her if it was gone and she replies, "yeah, all gone. Fwew out window. Fwy all gone." So we go home, get cleaned up, have a quick bath and head back out. I decide to take a different route this time.

We get to the doctor's office (right on time I might add!) and it is packed! Filled with so many people that I don't even know how I find a seat. I guess it's kind of like finding a parking spot. You glance around, check things out, act as though you are not really paying much attention and then when someone gets up, you swoop in! Thank goodness Punkin is somewhat safe from the madness in the stroller. So even though we were right on time for our appointment, we end up waiting for an hour and a half anyway. When we finally get called to the room (which was another 30 minutes of waiting), there are about 5 nurses that all have to come in and say hi to Haley and talk about how cute she is. Yes, I am aware of how cute she is and no, you may not take her home. Now can we get this show on the road in case my cute daughter decides to throw up again in your face? Haley is just eating it up. She has to show off. She points to all her body parts and names them. Then after a few more "awwww"'s, the doctor finally comes in. She takes a quick glance and gives me all the news. Punkin is still 27 pounds (the same that she was 4 months ago???) and she is now 34 1/2 inches tall! Holy cow! That's almost 3 feet tall! That's only about 2 feet less than my Mom (sorry, Mom)! All of her blood work and tests from the last visit look great and she is perfectly healthy. And she has no virus so that means the whole vomiting incident is nothing to worry about. Whew! Good to know. The doctor was even impressed that I had taken care of the whole thrush and yeast diaper rash incident on my own. Thanks, a lot! Usually at these visits, they do other tests to see where the children are at as far as speech, movement and cognitive skills. But when your 17 month old walks up to the doctor and says "I fwew up in car", they apparently decide to skip all of that. So we waited a total of 2 hours to talk to the doctor for 15 minutes. I have mixed feelings about that. But I leave there with the biggest smile on my face anyway because it makes me feel so good to know that my daughter is happy and healthy. And I don't mind waiting 10 hours in a crowded waiting room to get news like that. And when we get in the car, I say a small prayer to thank God for all of His blessings and keeping both Haley and I healthy. He truly is an awesome God! So now, I leave you with some pictures of a happy and healthy Punkin...minus the vomit!

Haley and her Daddy

FYI: The stove was NOT on!

Haley and her Papi


  1. What a little darling!

    You are brave to suck it up and carry on. The first time my kids vomited, we were both completely covered in it and crying.

    Brave woman you are.

  2. OMG she's just gorgeous!

  3. OMG that recently happened to my 3 yr. old on 2 different Tuesdays, one week a part. Both times she threw up on the way to preschool, but got sooo upset when we asked her to stay home. No fever, or any other symptoms. Took her to the doc after the second time, but they said she was fine. I call it the "Tuesday bug", lol! Glad I stopped by and read your post, I feel better to know I'm not the only parent that has experienced this situation.