I have finally finished Punkin's first year scrapbook! Words cannot express how excited I am that it is done. It is also my first digital scrapbook. It took 9 months to finish, so it was a bit over-schedule but definitely well worth it! It looks amazing and I am so proud of myself. I am just really hoping that it looks the same when it is printed. There are so many formats and little details when doing it digitally...I hope I did everything right. One thing I wish was that I didn't have to squeeze in so many pictures on some of the pages. But if I didn't, it would have been about 200 pages and that would make it super expensive to print. Right now it is 70 pages long, which will still be a little expensive, but nowhere near how much it would have cost to do an actual scrapbook. Trust me, I would know! The book will be 12in by 12in so when it is viewed in actual size, the pictures are still nice and big and the detail on the pages really pop. I can't wait to get it and see how it turns out. Check it out and feel free to let me know what you think! Comments and suggestions are welcome! :-)

Haley Jade: The First Year


  1. Hey great book, i love it.. you will have to show me how you did that!!! Its great!!!Its great that you included J too.. AWESOME BOOK!!!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! Yeah, there were a couple of pages there that were a little difficult to do now. It was like, "do I include this?". But he was there and part of her life during (most of) the first year. And I want her to have that book when she gets older, so it was only fair to include ALL of the memories...he was a part of them at that time.