Pwetty Pwincess

Punkin and I have been in Vegas for the last week and a half visiting our second family, Papi and Lula Dunn. It's been fun and has been a nice little getaway. I also have friends out here so to be able to visit and spend time with everyone is great. It's also the first time Haley has seen her Daddy in the last 7 months (since he recently moved back), and I think it has been good for her. I think. Anyway, as I was getting Haley dressed in one of her new outfits (thanks to Papi and Lula!), she got incredibly excited! As I was slipping on the skirt she repeatedly said "Pwincess, Pwincess!" And when she was all dressed she ran all over the house telling everyone she could find (including the dogs), "I a pwincess!". So here is my little pwincess in one of her new outfits...

I am going to admit that every morning I get her dressed, I get really excited too! I mean, the outfits they have out their for little kids these days is just amazing. I NEVER thought I would say this, but I definitely get more excited shopping for her these days than I do myself. I mean with outfits like these, how can you resist...

Okay, so maybe I am living my favorite fashions through my daughter. Is that so bad? Isn't that what having a little girl is all about? Getting her all dressed up in the outfits and the dresses and the bows and of course, a girl's favorite.....shoes!

I just love it! I love that she is at that age where she is not wearing a sleeper every day. I will admit that I did that also. I think from birth to about the age of 9 months, her wardrobe basically consisted of different themed sleepers. It makes me sad to look at all the clothes that I retired, some of which that were brand new, that she never wore. But those things were great! Especially since we were living out in Kentucky and it was winter. Yeah...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! So I will continue to be shopper crazy, like I always have. Except now I'm shopping for pants, tops, skirts, cute capris, dresses, tights and bows that I will never be able to wear. But that's okay. Because at least my baby girl will look like a pwetty pwincess. And what pwincess tale would be complete without a frog kiss...


  1. thats cute....I have to say shoes are only SOME girls fav... Look at me,Gretchen, and gretchin... we HATE shoes!!! LOL...i use to love to shop for gretchen but now its hard... She is too skinny and too tall... her pants have to be at least 12 months if not 18m for length but around the waist she could be a 9m, grrr.. anyway haley is super cute!!

  2. Ok - Seriously isn't she just a doll! I can see why you would love dressing her up! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. Sorry it took me a while to get over here - we are in vacation. I love your blog layout, and look forward to reading more!

  3. Those shoes are adorable! Girls are so much fun. Enjoy dressing her while you can, pretty soon she will assert her independence and want to pick out her own clothes.

    I love those little shoes and tights. My girls love wearing tights.