Wedding #2

So, last Friday was our other wedding. Another cousin of mine got married and I couldn't be happier for him! It was an all-out Catholic ceremony (Hispanic traditions on her side and Irish traditions on his) and there were a lot of people. My brother and sister were both in the wedding party. The reception was one big party and once again, Haley's favorite place to be was out on the dance floor. In fact, she was there all night and would scream if I tried to take her away. Everyone was so amazed at how well-behaved she was, especially since she has had a bit of a cold the last few days. We didn't stay as long as I would have liked since toward the end of the night I had started not feeling so well myself. But it was a great time and I always appreciate the time I get to spend with my whole family.

The bow I made for Punkin's outfit

St. Anne's Church

Good times. And there was a picture from wedding #1 that I did not post because it was one of the ones I received later. But I want to post it anyway to show off my good-looking family:

A few of my handsome cousins and little bro.

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  1. What a great day! Thanks for visiting during my SITS Day!