When Your Child Knows Just A Little Too Much...

So just a little while ago as I was preparing lunch for Punkin and I, she decided she was going to climb up on the chair and sit at the kitchen table. Nice, right? Well, little to my knowledge, she was not getting herself all ready to eat lunch like a big girl. No...she was going to get something she had seen on the kitchen table a little earlier. And as I turn around to look at her, there is my little one with a small, travel-size tube of toothpaste...rubbing the tube all over her bottom. "What are you doing???", I ask. To which she replies, "Is my butt medicine!" Apparently she thought it was her tube of Desitin, also known as her "butt medicine". After almost spitting out my water from laughing, I stand there in amazement. I've only referred to it as her butt medicine twice and that was quite some time ago. Maybe she just has the memories of doing the same ritual for so long...

I know that lately she has been talking a lot. She can pretty much repeat anything she hears, no matter how long the sentence. But it's not just repeating...she can hear something once and she will know exactly what it means and it will stick with her. She had an ICEE from Target once and now every time we are in there and pass the snack bar she says "I want ICEE...peeease!" In fact, as I type this she is looking at the picture above and saying "Baby lay down on bed...baby butt medicine...It's meee! Eeewww!" It's actually kind of scary. I didn't think I had to worry about her repeating everything and talking so much til she was at least 2 years old! God only knows the things she says when I'm not around! I don't even want to think about it right now. All I know is that we will definitely have to be very careful with things that are said and done around her...even now.

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