18 Months, Pumpkin Patch, a Mouse and Apple Picking

This weekend has been a great one so far! Friday, my sister and I took Punkin to see the other pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. She had a blast with the petting zoo, pony rides and other fun stuff. She even got to take a little Punkin of her own home with her. Then, yesterday we went apple picking. It was my first time and I had been wanting to take Haley since she was born! Well, we finally went and loved it! It was myself, Haley, Jon and his son Jude. Haley was picking her own apples and enjoying the dirt and mud (it's a good thing Mommy always carries extra clothes!). After the apple picking, we made fresh pressed cider and got to drink some. Then we went home and Jon made us all very yummy dinner. So this week I will be making apple flavored EVERYTHING! But not today. Today we aren't doing anything. Why? Because I woke up with my throat hurting, my head hurting and my bones hurting. Pretty sure it's from allergies since the weather has once again flipped a switch and has turned back to being sunny and hot. UGH!!! That's Cali for you!

Anyway, yesterday was the 9th which also means that Punkin turned 18 months old. Yep, she is officially 1 and a half! It's just too bad that people don't believe me when I tell them that. Maybe it's because never mind the fact that she is almost 3 feet tall, but she can pretty much carry her own in any conversation. And she will tell you exactly like it is! She is talking in pretty much full sentences all the time now. She grabs her little play cell phone and says "I'm gonna call Emma" (her cousin), then gets on the phone and says "Hi, Emma! I miss you!" She talks about her Papi and Lula almost constantly, and says "Papi and Lula in Vegas at home". She is also using people's names all the time. She says "Good night, Auntie!" or "Bye, Joshy!" or "Thank you, Jon!" She also walks around the house pointing to things and says "Das a door...das a couch...das are shoes, das a chair..." It's just amazing! My favorite is whenever someone sneezes (even if it is a mile away!) you will hear say "Bess you!". She even yells it if she hears someone in another room or outside sneeze. It's hilarious. This girl makes me smile constantly. Last week I had posted on my Facebook that I was in tears. I was watching videos of Haley when she was a baby. Videos of her giggling and babbling while sitting in her bouncer at 3 months, sitting and eating in her high chair at 4 months, all over the house in her walker at 5 months, taking her first steps at 7 1/2 months...and now look at her! She went from being a baby to a little girl practically overnight! Then a friend of mine left me a comment saying "Wow, Punkin is advanced! Love it!" And it made me think how she really is pretty advanced and maybe that's why I don't really remember her being a little baby. I mean, the day I brought her home from the hospital, she was already lifting her own head. She didn't even like to be held! She would have rather played in her bouncer! She was never this little tiny fragile baby that I could hold and had to be very careful with. She has been very independent and wanting to do everything herself since the day she was born. I even have pictures of her holding her own bottle at only a week old! Lol...this whole advanced thing definitely has it's advantages and disadvantages. It has been great for me! She has been the easiest, no-fuss baby I have ever seen! She has been sleeping from 9pm to 9am since she was 3 weeks old. I've never had to walk her around, or do any of that stuff. Even to this day, she doesn't throw fits, she loves everyone she meets and shares everything she has, whether it's food, toys, etc. My Mom teases me that I don't know what it's like to really have to take care of a baby. Maybe she's right. I want to have another baby (in the future!!!) but it kinda scares me 'cause my next one will probably not be so easy. Also, since Punkin is so mature, it has caused her to grow up WAY too fast! She is getting bigger and smarter by the day and I know it's only a matter of time before I start getting the attitude and her REALLY wanting to be independent! That scares the hell out of me!!! But right now, I'm trying not to focus on that. I'm trying to enjoy every little moment. I have been incredibly blessed that I have had the opportunity to spend every minute of every day with her. I have seen every milestone and been right there through EVERYTHING! I'm a very lucky woman with a baby who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Thank you, God! Thank you for all of your wonderful blessings! You have given me a perfect baby and I could not ask for anything more.......although.......having a car that runs would be nice! :-)

This little guy was chilling on the sidewalk near our house. As cute as they kind of are (a part of me wanted to take it in as a pet just so I could name him 'Fievel', lol), they also incredibly gross me out. And the fact that he was letting me get so close to him to take the picture worried me even more. Why wasn't he running away??? Was he sick? Jon tried to make me feel better by saying it could have been someone's pet that got out or ran away. But the part of me that has seen one too many movies, knew that the real reason he wasn't running away was because he was slowly dying from an infectious disease that from one little scratch upon him attacking me, would cause me to bleed internally or give me the flesh-eating virus or turn me into a crazy zombie...or all of the above!

I know that when picking apples, you are supposed to pick them so that the leaves are not attached...however, in Punkin's case it was okay. They had a tree that had fallen over from a storm that was dying. It still had good apples on it so they used that as the tree for the children to pick apples from. It was perfect for her!

Yummy cider!


  1. Awww...super cute! I wish our patch was as indept. but none the less we been going for last few years & who am I to break tradtion...Hi there!
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  4. what a lovely photo shoot of your little doll! i love all the fall settings:) too fun and that has to be the best pumpkin patch by far....no good ones here in Fl....that mouse would have crept me out too...as cute as they are....gross!

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  6. First off - I hope your throat feels better soon!!

    And your little girl sounds sooooo cute!! The sweet things she says!! She is a little smarty!! And how adorable is she? :)

    Glad it was a great weekend!!

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