Staying Busy

I know it has been a while since my last post, but it has been a very crazy time! Aside from all of the holiday preparing, family birthdays, doctor appointments, and some health issues I have been having...I have been trying to keep myself busy even on the moments when I have downtime. Mostly because it helps keep my mind off of all the crappy stuff. I have been going through so much and there are some days when all the stress and anxiety really starts to take it's toll. The only other option is for me to find things to keep me constantly occupied and keep my mind from wandering. There are some days that are worse than others. I worry about everything and everyone. I worry about my family...I worry about Punkin...I worry about myself and want to do all of the things that I just can't do right now. Everything is so out of my control and it drives me crazy! I have to just trust in the Lord and know that it is all in His plan. I have been fighting my own personal "demons" and fears. I'm scared...of everything. I want to protect everyone I love from all of the bad stuff and I can't and it makes me sad. I will definitely get more into detail about all of this at a later time. Just wanted to put something {anything} out there. Right now I need the Lord more than ever and all of this has definitely helped me to grow closer to Him. I have to remember all the blessings He has given me and the beauty that comes in everything He has created...

Messing around with ideas for Punkin's first Pumpkin....I still might carve out the initials...haven't decided yet!

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  1. May god be with you all times and take care of your health, Mellisa.