Halloween Fun

I know this post is coming a little late, but like I said there has been a lot going on here. I am hoping to have some down time very soon (and a little help with Punkin) so I am pretty excited about that. I promise I will get back to all my regular posts and recipes very soon. Thank you so much to all of you who read my last post and have been praying. I appreciate it more than words can express! So until I get back into my normal mode, I thought I would pop in and share what our Halloween was like. I had taken some pictures of Punkin in her costume the day before so I will share some of those as well. It was a good day. Jon, Haley and I got up and went to church that morning. Then we came back to my house to make some lunch. I got Punkin all ready then we headed back to church for the "Light the Night" festival. We spent a little time there (there wasn't a whole lot for kids Punkin's age to do) then we headed to Irvine to meet up with some of my family for a little trick-or-treating. Haley didn't really do a whole lot of trick-or-treating. She was more excited about getting to run around in her costume and follow the other kids. She was scared to go up to houses (even with me holding her hand the entire time) unless we were in a big group. I guess she was being smart. Jon had a point when he told me that we spend all this time teaching our kids not to take anything from strangers, then tell them to do the opposite on Halloween. It was something that I had never really thought about before. Even still, we had a fun time and got a little candy out of it. Which Punkin is still asking to have...

Of course she was a pwetty pwincess!

My little Snow White

She was pretty good at that game!

The candy she won

She was so proud of the cupcake she won from the cupcake walk!

Nom Nom Nom

My little girl looks so grown up! :-(

Her huge princess bag

Haley with her Uncle Josh and cousins Emma & Marissa

Another Halloween has come and gone. I can't believe how time flies by so fast, especially when you have kids. While going through the pictures, I came across the pictures from Halloween last year. It was Punkin's first Halloween and she was only 6 months old. She looked so little! Last year we had to carry her around everywhere and this year she was crying because she wanted to do everything herself! So sad! Since I wasn't blogging at that time, I decided to share a few pictures. I got so many comments about her costume (which her Auntie Gretchin got for her!) and I didn't know if I would be able to top it. But this year was pretty good! So here are some photos from Halloween ~2009~...

Her onesie glowed in the dark! :-)

Mommy and Punkin

We were living in Kentucky at the time so the leaves were falling and the weather was beautiful!

Making silly faces

Loved reading her books at only 6 months old!

Cutest peacock ever!

I loved this costume...wish she could wear it every year! Ha!

Playing in the leaves

How are we going to get her in the car seat???

And we can't forget our little Buddy dog...aka the football player


  1. I loved that costume too! It was awesome and a great deal. But she sure looked cute as a princess! Love you guys!
    Auntie Gretchin

  2. What a beautiful Snow White and she was an adorable peacock- cutest costume... especially loved the behind shot.

    I read your last post- hope you are well. Thoughts and prayes are with you. Be well.

    I also have a little something for you at my blog... come on over and get it!