Surprise!!! So Happy!

So I am probably NOT supposed to say anything about this yet, but I just couldn't contain my excitement. I was finally able to talk Jon into telling me what one of my Christmas presents is going to be...

The Nikon D3000 SLR. My first DSLR! I am so excited!!! Words cannot even express how excited I am! I probably should have just waited and let it be a surprise on Christmas, but he knew how happy it would make me and he finally broke down in one of our Skype visits (that is how we have been able to see each other since he is still on the other side of the United States). If I thought my Nikon Coolpix took great pictures, I can't wait to see the shots I get with this one. December 25th can't come fast enough!!! :-)

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  1. How exciting!!! have fun with it!!

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