Bieber Fever and a Meltdown!

We've been bitten by the bug. Well, not really me...but let's just say that Punkin has a tad of a crush. Okay, the girl is OBSESSED! What's even worse is that this whole thing started not too long after her first birthday. Yeah, my barely one-year-old baby girl already having her first crush. Lovely!

Now, since this has been going on for quite a while, I had been meaning to write a post about how cute it was. I mean, who wouldn't love a cutie like this as a young girl...

And she used to go around the house yelling "Jusin Beebar!!!" And she would get all excited and giddy when we turned on his music videos...

She would get all shy and try to show off as if Justin Bieber could actually SEE her through the television! Ha!

Dance, dance, dance

However, now it's a little bit different. Instead of having her little crush and moving on to the next boy, she is as infatuated with Justin Bieber more than she ever was! And now she is actually going around saying things like, "I gonna get you, Justin Beeber!" or "Be careful with Justin Bieber" when I move his picture. Wait, what? His picture??? Yeah, she found it in a magazine and likes to hold onto it. Hmmmm.....are these early signs for something? Please, tell me that this is how we all were as young girls. Although I am pretty sure when I was only a year and a half old, I was more interested in coloring on the walls and climbing up furniture. We've already been there, done that with Punkin. Those of you who aren't new here, already know that she is a little, um, advanced for her age. And it gets worse. A couple of weeks ago I heard the dreaded words that NO mother wants to hear from her daughter. Out of nowhere, Punkin said, "Justin Beeeber my boyfriend!"

Um, EXCUSE ME? Did I just really hear what I thought I heard you say? I'm pretty sure she got that from one of her younger cousins. So I did what any rational Mother would do when they hear their one-year-old, first-born baby girl say something like that and I told her if she had any boyfriends she would get time-out til she was 19! Not quite sure if she understood that or not. The goofy smile she gave me afterwards tells me no. But it gets even better than that my beloved followers! Two days ago we had our first-ever Justin Bieber meltdown!

Well, what I consider a meltdown and what others consider a meltdown might not be the same thing. Punkin rarely throws tantrums so stuff like this, I consider a tantrum. And yes, she was tired so that in combination of his darn music video not being able to load fast enough was not a good combination. But then it did fully load and 2 minutes later we were all good, and it hasn't happened since.

Not quite sure what to make of all of it now. I guess I could just take it all away from her. No more music videos, no more pictures, etc, etc. But is it just harmless fun? Is she even going to remember who he is in 3 months? I remember being little (not that little, but still) and having all the guy crushes. The status of my future husband changed every week and depended on what movie had just come out. Ha! So I will let her have her fun for now. And being the great Mom I am who never encourages any kind of negative behavior, I bought her a Justin Bieber t-shirt and stickers for Christmas! Ha! But I promise when she hops on a bus at two years old and goes to his house to camp outside, I will draw the line. :-)

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