Balboa Park ~ San Diego, CA

Back when I was in culinary school, I used to live in San Diego. I loved it! It's one of the only places in California that would make me not mind living...well, in California. Don't get me wrong, Cali has been very good to me. Born and raised as a SoCal girl and loved every minute of it. Everything you can ever want is here. But having lived in smaller towns, I think that is the kind of lifestyle I am ready for. Especially now that I have my own kids. I also lived in Las Vegas, but we'll save that one for another post! So I definitely want to move back to a smaller town (and out of California) very soon. Although, I am not quite so sure how soon that will be. Basically, the only reason we are still here now is so Jon can be with his son.

Anyway, there are some places in California that make up for the crazy traffic, the houses with no yards, and the loads of rude, foul-mouthed, don't-know-how-to-drive or think-about-others-people. And one of those places is good old San Diego. San Diego has people like that too...but for some reason, when you actually can sell your soul and afford to live there, you forget about all of that. San Diego is beautiful and you can still get a taste of so many other places, whether it's through the awesome local restaurants, farmer's markets, historic sites, etc. Some of the best memories of my life are from when I lived in San Diego. I was living in this gorgeous city, was going to school for something I absolutely loved, and made some of the most amazing friends that are still part of my life today. I had not known anyone before moving there. In fact, I had a great, well-paying job in Orange County. I had great friends, all of my family was there. I was living the life that every twenty-something year old young woman dreams about. I could buy whatever I wanted and I went out all the time. Then, one day I decided to try a different career and move to a city where I have never lived and knew no one. So the next day, I put in my 2 weeks notice at work, told all of family and friends the news and a few weeks later I was there. It was definitely a decision that I have never regretted. In fact, this is why I always tell my sister and all of my other single friends and family members, to not be scared about making life decisions. Enjoy your life while you can because once you have kids and a family, it is definitely a lot harder to do the things you had wanted to do. Travel and move as much as you can. I have never let fear get in my way of moving to new places and different states that I have never been. And now I feel that, even though there was so much more I wanted to do (God had a different plan for me), my life has been very full and with many blessings and I have seen so many things.

So while living in San Diego, my friends and I would often go to Balboa Park. It is a giant urban culture park (the largest in the nation!) and has so much to see! We used to just go to walk around or to have a picnic, but if you have never been there, I strongly urge you to check it out. Admission to the actual park grounds is free, along with some other attractions such as the botanical gardens. Prices vary at some of the museums, but they have "Free Tuesdays", where every Tuesday there is a handful of the museums that offer free admission. The museums that are free on these days, change every Tuesday so just make sure to check out their website if there is a museum you would really like to visit. A couple of weeks ago, Jon and I had some business to take care of in San Diego. And since I had my new camera, I really wanted to go by Balboa Park to snap some pics. And...well...this is an idea of what I got...

Getting ready to make a wish!

The family picture that was taken with my pocket camera (since Jon and I both agreed that it probably wasn't a good idea to give a stranger my SLR).

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  1. What a beautiful place! I had no idea it had so many beautiful buildings and places to visit. Thanks for sharing your trip.