Where Do I Begin?

Okay, so it has been over a month since my last post (aside from my award acceptance earlier) and there is lots to catch up on. I think the last time I wrote, Punkin and I were in Kentucky visiting her father's (my ex) family. We were there for 4 weeks. It was a fun and...interesting trip.

We came back the Monday before Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Jon and Jude at the apartment then went back to Orange County to spend Christmas day with my very large and insane family. Haley and I both made out EXTREMELY well when it came to gifts. It was a good holiday. It was the first time my entire family had got together since my Grandpa passed away (we buried my Grandfather on Christmas Eve 2 years ago). My Grandmother was also not there. She was in Albuqurque, New Mexico with her sister who was passing away. But pretty much all of my family was there for Christmas. It was a great night with a ton of food. We laughed and prayed and cried and watched old videos. Then we ended the night playing the game SceneIt. I had never played it before and I don't want to brag but I pretty much killed it. My team won thanks to me answering every question before anyone else. Yay, go us! New Years was a fun night too. I was a bit sad that Jon had to work. It would be a bummer not to be able to spend our first New Years' together. But he surprised me by showing up at my door around 11pm! Apparently he got off work early and drove all the way up to Orange County to see me. Love him! The ball dropped and was followed by lots of wine and Monopoly with the fam! Which I was not quite so lucky when it came to winning that one. I blame the wine. Oh, and before I forget...I got my Nikon SLR as a Christmas present from the greatest boyfriend ever! I am still ecstatic!

On a sadder note, we had 3 family members pass away within 2 weeks. It has been very hard for everyone. One was my Grandma's sister (my great aunt), another was my Mom's cousin and another young woman who had been friends with my Mom and aunts since they were all little. All of these loved ones have been in my prayers and I pray that the Lord give all of the family comfort and peace at this time.

Punkin has been doing good. Still growing by the minute. She had a well check the week we came back from Kentucky and the doctor was amazed at how smart she was and at how much she talked. He couldn't believe that she wasn't even 2 yet. I had him tell her that the "paci" was for babies and that she didn't need it because she was a big girl. So that night I took her completely off the pacifier. She did really well. She asked for it a lot but all I had to do was ask her "What did the doctor say?" Then she would say "Paci is for babies! Haley is a big girl! I don't need it!" And that was that. She still asks for it once in a while but she did WAY better than I thought she would. She is in the 99 percentile when it comes to height (she is 3 feet tall) for her age. He said that by her chart, she was going to be supermodel height when she is older. Like 5'9! I told Jon this when we were done and he assured me that it would be okay and that he was going to have a shotgun ready by the time she was 12 anyway. So I hope all of you pervy little boys who plan on trying to date my daughter are reading this! Even though you most likely can't read at your age and if you can than you are way too old for her and that little tid bit about the shotgun still applies to you! Okay, I'm getting a little carried away so we'll just leave that at that.

So onto more exciting news...Jon and I finally set a date! We will be getting married on November 12, 2011. Some people don't understand why we made it so far away, but for us this date makes sense. We got engaged after only a few months of dating so this gives us plenty of time to focus on our relationship before rushing into marriage. I also want to take a pre-marriage counseling course. We are what you would call a "blended family" (we both have children from previous marriages) and the divorce rate for these types of families is extremely high. Like 85%! So I think it would be very beneficial to us and having a later wedding date gives us time to do all of that without feeling rushed. Also, we would have been engaged for a little over a year (we got engaged in September) which is what I think is ideal for being engaged. Not to mention, it gives us time to save up the money since Jon we will probably be paying for the whole thing ourselves.

Well, I think that about brings us up to speed on what's been going on here. Now are you ready for some picture overload? I'm breaking it down into categories 'cause...well I like to keep things somewhat organized!

Kentucky Trip

Punkin doing some reading while we wait for the plane to finish loading

She is my secret weapon for getting through the security checkpoint quickly and easily. They just love her!

It still looked like fall when we got there. My favorite part!

Enjoying some tea with her Papa

The paci is officially no more!

Hugging her pal Leah

"So Santa, listen...please bring me Justine Bieber. Okay, thanks."

Kisses for her boyfriend Carson


Punkin and Mommy taking a walk

Collecting acorns

"I got pocorns!"

Only a year and a half old and already teaching her Auntie Gretchin's preschool class!

Enjoying a Thanksgiving feast with the kiddos

Just like her Momma! :-)

Being silly with her Auntie Gretchin's graduation cap

Thanksgiving Day

My baby girl and I

Eating her snack like a big girl!

We weren't prepared for the first snow

Hugging her second cousin Slayden

Home of the Kentucky Derby

Yes, that's an actual castle.

Sooo pretty!!!

With second cousins Kylie and Macey

Hugs for Kylie

Looking like a big girl with her backpack!


Loving the snow!

Hugs for Gretchen Mae

Getting ready to celebrate an early Christmas with family

Taking care of her new baby

Opening presents from Aunt Gretchin during our last night in KY

The view from the plane on our way home

Christmas ~2010~

My new baby!

Experimenting with my new camera on Christmas morning

Yes, that is a Justin Bieber doll. But look at how happy that face is!!!

Haley and Jude opening presents


I wonder who is on the front of that shirt!?

Her Power Wheels ATV without the stickers on it yet

Thanking her Grandpa for even MORE presents

The day has just begun and it's already the best day ever for her!

In her Christmas outfit

Helping to put presents under the tree

My crazy sister

Getting ready for a toast

Some of the girls: my Aunt Liz, Me, Heather (sis) and Natasha (cousin)


Kisses for Nana

My sis and Mom...everyone was in the Christmas spirit!

Wardrobe change

The kiddos ready to open gifts

Decorated giant gingerbread men!

Dessert table...do you see my little daughter over there eyeballing the pie and ice cream???


A kiss from Jon to me!

New Years

My handsome lil bro with some sparkling cider

Punkin looking a bit tipsy even though she only had a little bit of cider

Cheers to a new year! May yours be filled with many blessings! Happy 2011, everyone!

Well, there you have it. My holidays in one post that is long enough to be a chapter in Gone With The Wind. Sorry if I bombarded all of you with pictures. I guess that is what happens when I don't post in a long time and a lot has happened!


  1. Your little Miss is such a cutie. I loved looking through your holiday pics. Congrats on your upcoming wedding date. So very exciting. I think it is so great that you are taking all the time that you need. This is such a special season for the two of you. Enjoy every minute of your beautiful countdown. MUCH love. Janine

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