Happy Valentine's Day!

So, yesterday was Valentine's Day. Another holiday come and gone. Although I know many people who despise this day, I love it. Not because I have that special someone {although that is nice, too!} but because any day where there is more love in the air is okay by me. We need more love in this world. Not just the love of a significant other, but love of family and friends...even strangers. Yesterday when I went to the grocery store, I saw more people smiling and in a good mood than I have in a long time. After all, this is California so seeing so many nice people in one place is unusual! Ha! Everyone smiled and said hi as Punkin and I passed them. One man walked out of the store whistling a tune, flowers in hand. It just made me feel good. Why can't it be like this everyday? Why do we need to designate a specific date to show those we love that we care about them? Or to just be nice to others?

Anyway, we had a very nice, low-key day. Jon got me a bottle of champagne, flowers, my favorite candy, and made dinner. He insisted that I have my big present coming later. Because of unforeseen circumstances, we didn't get to do the whole 'date night' deal. But that was okay by me. The day was perfect just the way it was. I told him I don't want anything else. He already does so much for Punkin and I on every other day. I know he cares.

Punkin and I had a blast making treats all day. It was a day of fun in the kitchen! Although I'm pretty sure she was having fun because she got to snack on sweets the entire time. Ha!

I found the idea for these cute little chocolate chip cookie sandwiches here. Except, instead of using ice cream, I used whipped cream (less messy for Punkin). I will try them again next time with ice cream.

My gift to my fiance...a "message in a bottle". I wrote a letter to him on vintage paper and tied the note and bottle with rafia. I filled the wine bottle with sand and crushed sea shells. I got all of the materials at Michael's (my favorite store!), except the wine!

I don't have a double broiler so I make my own! :-)

I found the inspiration for these easy marshmallow pops over here. I used crushed-up sugar cookie to spread on the chocolate.


Punkin's cards from family. She felt very loved!

She got this in Sunday school.

My original plan was to make heart-shaped jello, but that plan failed. So this is my plan 'b'! Ha!

Punkin's lunch: a heart-shaped pb & j sandwich, goldfish and fruit

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!



  1. I'm a new follower! Love your blog! Great Photos!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!


  2. I don't know what I'm more jealous of- your artsy fartsy skills or that insanely cute little girl! or maybe its your digital cam and photo editing skills... either way, I really look forward to reading more. :)

  3. It's a good thing I just had dinner before visiting your blog. But now I really want dessert. I love the marshmallow pops. Cool idea.
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  4. Simply Lovely Valentines!!!!How have I not found your blog before now?! What a marvelously adorable and inspiring blog- I'm so glad I found you through the Blog Hop... Hoping you'll stop by and follow me back!


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  5. OOh wow i had so many thoughts from reading your post. First thanks for stopping by and saying hello I can tell me and your blog will be friends lol two. I love the message in the bottle idea i'm stealing that one for next time simple and creative is my style...three..I did the pb &j heart shaped sandwich for my 6 yr old she was so excited she said she told everyone and was the only one to get plus a note on top saying I heart u...four..those treats look so yummy I wished I could just drop by and {yes posting pics of yummy things is an excuse for me to come invited} eat some of those goodies. Five..My husband got me some chocolate covered strawberries from local candy house soooo they are divine. Six..And lastly...that's your daughter? She's adorable!

  6. I love all the chocolates in the photo, she sure is having fun eating all these sweets.

    Hello there, im following you back from FMBT, thanks for the visit.

  7. Everything looks positively YUMMY!!! Following you back!

  8. Oh my deliciousness! I'm so thrilled you stopped by my blog and I am looking forward to getting to know you!

    Mrs. Sergeant

    PS. The Punkin is absolutely adorable. Seriously. Absolutely!

  9. Thanks for following, I'm your newest follower:)

  10. ohhhhh, those pictures are great! and I loved your Plan "B" it really looked divine! =) Valentine's day sets the people in a different mood...good mood and positive vibes...if people are like this every day, it would be a very very beautiful world to live in - people who keeps in smiling and spreading the L-O-V-E.

    Thanks for following and I'm here to follow you back....I love your blog..I'll keep on visiting you =)

    Btw, Punkin is really really cute, sweet ( those cards are really sweet and thoughtful) and adorable!