Never Say Never

Today, Punkin and I went and saw the new Justin Bieber movie, "Never Say Never". Those of you who aren't new around here, know that Punkin is a big JB fan. If you don't remember the whole Bieber meltdown we had a little while back, you can find it here. Now I'm not gonna lie, I like the kid. I think he is a cutie and is extremely talented. If you have ever seen any of his YouTube videos (where he was discovered), he played about 5 instruments by a very young age. He could play the drums by like the age of 4! Unfortunately, when you get into the hands of the corporate players, they are going to sell you for what they can. Even if that means not showcasing your talent. Not to mention when your fan base is consisted of a bunch of crazy girls, you tend to not get taken seriously. But he has done a lot of good, is part of a lot of charities and has handled a lot of extreme criticism with a lot of class. Not really the traits you see in an average sixteen year-old. Especially, in a sixteen-year-old being handled by Usher where most of his mentors are other rap artists. I think he has a good head on his shoulders and can definitely have a great career if he makes the right choices.

Now that my whole JB defense is out of the way, I must say it was a wonderful day. Punkin was all dressed up in her favorite JB outfit. It was the first time I had taken her to the movies and I was super nervous! This is a child who is only a year old, has the attention span of a gnat, is EXTREMELY talkative, and incredibly friendly. I had visions of her jumping out of her seat and walking up to everyone in the theater yelling "Hiii!" and waving her hand in their face. But I figured that with Justin Bieber all over the screen, and a lot of snacks, we would be okay. And we were. She got a little restless at the very end, but I have to give her a lot of credit. Especially since we sat there for about 20 minutes before the movie even started.

During the movie, there was a scene where Justin is singing on stage with Boyz II Men. Now, I LOVE me some Boyz II Men. They were always one of my favorites growing up. I listened to their music constantly. I also saw them in concert. I was right against the stage and I remember that one of the members came over and touched my hand while he was singing. I screamed and blushed like a giddy little school girl and bragged about it for weeks. Okay, maybe months. I was convinced that he did it because he was in love with me and no other reason. So, as we were watching the movie today I couldn't help but look at Punkin and smile. We all had our crushes when we were younger ( I still have them, actually. Matthew McConaughey, anyone?) and now I am going through it all over again with my own daughter. It feels so surreal. It's an amazing feeling though. And the look on her face for the first 5 minutes of the movie was something that I will never EVER forget! It made me want to cry. She looked like the happiest little girl in the whole world. It melted my heart. It was an awesome moment that will forever be with me. As soon as he appeared on the screen, a huge smile spread across her face, she covered her mouth with both hands and shouted, "Oh my gosh!" It was hilarious! I never thought that someone or something could make me as happy as she does. I never thought that I would be sharing moments like these with my own daughter. I never thought that I would actually feel and go through what my own Mom went through (despite her telling me on numerous occasions that I would find out one day). I never thought that I would have such an incredible bond with anyone.

Never say never.

Ready for a nap

By the way, the movie was very good. It has a good message to kids and young adults.



  1. I love, love, love this post. My daughter is 8 months younger than yours and I am already super excited to share all sorts of fun stuff with her. My sister and I will have to take her to her first Backstreet Boy concert. Haha yes, we are still fans.

    Have a great night! (Stopping by from The Hickman Four)

  2. What adorable pictures! I've been wanting to see the movie too. BTW, I LOVE me some McConaughey!!!

  3. I have yet to go see this movie, but I do have 4 little girls who are dying to go, literally!!!! I've heard that's it sends a good message so that's good, plus I'm dying to embarrass them as I belt out some of his songs!!!! Luv your daughters headband!!

  4. Those pictures are absolutely adorable! What a little Diva!! :)

  5. You have a very pretty baby to be proud of here. She is so cute@ Thanks for stopping by, following you back!

  6. The girl in purple is adorable. Love her boots! I'm a new follower.

  7. Thanks for visiting! I'm following you back. :)

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