Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~2011~

Aside from wearing a little green and using the day as an excuse to relax and eat, I never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day. When I was single, I pretty much celebrated by going out drinking and dancing with friends {which I guess is the whole point of the day}. But now that I am a Mommy, those days of "going out" to celebrate anywhere, are pretty much behind me. At least a distant memory {although I still like to get out for a 'girls' night' or 'date night' if we possibly can}. But I have found new ways of celebrating the holidays...using them as an excuse to spend even more quality time with my daughter. Punkin and I have started our own little tradition of using days like these to cook in the kitchen, making our "treats". You can see all of our super neat Valentine's Day treats we made, here. She loves it. We will usually go to the store that morning to get everything we need. The whole time, she is so excited telling everyone we pass by, "I going to make tweats today!". I love seeing her like that. So yesterday was no different {except that we got a little bit of a late start}. We had to go to 4 different stores! The Dollar Tree, Target, Vons and Albertson's. Yes, I had to go to 2 different grocery stores because I waited until the last minute to get my corned beef brisket. When we got home, Punkin and I got right to work on our "tweats".

We started on the cupcakes first. Of course they were green cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

What did that child do with her other sock???

Oh, there it is!

We put her little apron on because I really didn't want to deal with green food coloring all over her white shirt!

Checking things out first...

 Looks like a good time to me...

Just playing around with some of the ingredients I had on hand, I made this little layered dessert...

It would have been better if I had used actual ice cream {mint chocolate chip would work perfect here!} but I used whipped cream that was colored green with food coloring. By the way, that's crushed up Oreos you see there in the middle!

One of my favorites were these...key lime sherbet in a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Yum!!!

And since when we think of rainbows, we think of leprechauns and pots of gold, I made these little rainbow puddings {which were actually Punkin's favorite}...

I found the idea for these treats, here. She also gives a great recipe for pudding made from scratch. I just made some instant vanilla pudding and used food coloring.

After making some treats {we didn't get to do all of the ones we wanted to do}, it was time for Mommy to make dinner. Of course I did corned beef and cabbage!

I rubbed the seasoning all over the corned beef brisket then put it into a large pot. You are supposed to cover the entire brisket with water. I used half water and half beer. I also added butter to the liquid. You cover the pot, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. The general rule of thumb is to simmer the brisket for about 50 minutes per pound {or until meat is fork-tender}. I had a 3-pound roast and it was fork-tender in about 2 1/2 hours {although I could have let it go longer to be super tender!}. This also works great if you want to cook it in your crock pot all day {I don't have my crock pot because someone took it. I used carrot sticks, half of a small onion {cut into small wedges}, 10 small red potatoes, and 1 small head of cabbage {also cut into small wedges} as the vegetables. Add the carrot, onion and potatoes about 30 minutes before cook time is done. Add cabbage about 15 minutes before cook time is done. Slice against the grain to serve.

Water with kiwi fruit

It was so incredibly yummy! This was my first time doing corned beef and cabbage and I am definitely going to be doing it more often! Jon was happy we had leftovers because he could make a Reuben sandwich for the next day {something that he has been craving a lot for some reason!}.

I even did green beer. All I have to say is that my fiancee is a VERY lucky man!!!
And of course, for dessert...

What a wonderful day we had! The food was all so incredible! Now I can't wait to do this again for Easter! I loved spending the one-on-one time with Punkin doing something we love, I loved that the smell of the brisket filled the entire house the entire day. Thank you God for giving us these opportunities.



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