New Look ~ Under Construction

It has been quite a while since I posted. Well, quite a while for me! These last couple of weeks have been busy. First of all, for the last 2 weeks Punkin and I have been pretty sick. We are feeling better, although we still have an annoying cough. I'll post more about that later. My Mom had a huge birthday party last weekend. She turned the big 5-0 and went all out for her party. It was a lot of fun. Another reason I have waited on doing any posts, is because I was a little tired of the look of my blog. Don't get me wrong, I did love the look of it and thought it went really well with my theme. I just wanted a change. I wanted something clean and more simple. Especially now that I am really starting to get into photography. I wanted a refreshing look that would make my photos pop. I did not want my photos getting lost in all the numerous details that were all over my page. I am also creating a photography website that is actually looking really nice. But I guess I felt it was just time to give my blog that more mature look. Whatever that means! Ha!

So I went shopping around for some blog designs. There are a lot of cute, pre-made designs out there. Some are even free or at least pretty cheap. But none of them were what I was looking for. And if I wanted to hire someone to get me the custom look I wanted, it would have cost way more than I could afford. So I decided to do it myself. I'm pretty good with all the codes and what not. It's just very time consuming. Although it's not too bad since I am not designing all of the little sidebar tabs like I did in my last one. That would take away from the whole point of making it more "simple". I also decided to create pages to help free up some of my sidebar space. I am still working on everything so I appreciate all of you being patient until it is completely done. I also need to create a new blog button. Things may look "out-of-sorts" for a little bit but you can still read my posts, comment, and do whatever else it is you like to do when you come to my page. Also, I would love to know what you all think! If you like this new layout or think I should go back to the old one, please leave me a comment! I know everyone's computer is different and things may look different on yours. I would appreciate any feedback. Until then, enjoy these pictures I took of Punkin when we went to the park last week. We were out for just a little bit since we still weren't feeling that great. But it was a beautiful day and we had cabin fever so the fresh air did us good.



  1. Such a sweet little girl. Following back from Little Country Corner. Glad you found me.

  2. These pics are beautiful! Looks like it was a fun day! I am a new follower from the friday blog hop. Hope you have a great weekend. Stop by anytime! www.livingonloveandcents.com

  3. she is PRECIOUS! my gosh, those pictures you take are stunning! And you aren't professional? WOW! Your blog and posts made me smile! Hope you'll stop by my blogs too, but don't judge the pics because I have a new camera and am in the beginning stages of figuring it out :)

    Newest follower!!! Glad I found ya!

  4. I love the pictures of your daughter. I've been wanting to wanting a new design too. I was thinking about getting into it this weekend, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to! We'll see. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Such a cute little girl, the pictures are beautiful! What camera do you use and editing software?

  6. Your little girl is beautiful!

    Thanks for the follow...following you back. :)

  7. Thanks, everyone! I'm definitely starting to get more into photography but I still have so much to learn!

    Candace: I have a Nikon D3000. And I use Picasa to edit my photos! :-)

  8. I love the pics-your little girl is so beautiful! Following back :)

  9. I love the pictures and she is such a cutie! I am your newest follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. These pictures are really beautiful! Punkin is such a sweetheart! and I love your new blog design..it gives me a cool, fresh and soothing feeling.