That's What You Get For Waking Up In Vegas

What happens in Vegas...can traumatize you for the rest of your life! Let me just start by saying that this trip to fabulous Las Vegas, despite quite a few hiccups in the plan, was actually great. One of the most fun and memorable trips I have had out there, despite one of my biggest fears coming true. You can read my previous post to learn more about why this trip was taking place and why we were even going out there. To give you a sense of just how fun {and stressful} this trip was, I shall tell you the events that took place one by one.

We left Thursday morning. I knew we had to be in Vegas by around 3pm because Jon had made plans, but those plans were to be a surprise. My Mom was to watch Punkin for us, but there was a family emergency and she had to take my Grandma to the hospital. So we had to go pick up my sister from her fiance's house so she can watch Punkin until my Mom came back (we were already running a little late). We came back to my Mom's house and as soon as we were leaving, my Mom made it back and everything worked out.  On the way there, I had realized that I forgot my boots {a very important accessory to my outfit for that evening}. Since we were running late, we stopped  at the nearest Target {which had the worst selection of shoes I had ever seen} and I grabbed the cutest pair of heels that fit my feet. Then we were back on the road. Luckily for us, there was no traffic.

We got checked into our room {a honeymoon suite at the Stratosphere} at around 4pm. We quickly got ready and were all ready to go by 5pm. Apparently we had reservations for dinner and a show at the Venetian. I was still clueless as to what the show was. 


We asked a woman at the information desk in the Stratosphere, where exactly the Venetian was. She showed us a map and told us we were better off walking because it was pretty close. I was hesitant about this and suggested that we should just take the car, but we decided to walk it. About halfway there, I already had blisters forming on both feet. Thank you so much cheap Target shoes!!! It eventually got to the point where I could barely walk, so we stopped at a Souvenir shop where I ended up spending about $20 for a pair of {UGLY} flip flops! Nice, huh? So the flip flops lessened the damage already being done by a minimal amount but at least I was able to walk again. What makes it even better? There was absolutely NO traffic on the strip so we could have been there in about 10 minutes.

At this point we were a little worried. The confirmation stated that we were to be there to pick up the tickets an hour before the show was to start {the show started at 7pm} and we had to be seated at the restaurant by 5:45pm. By the time we got to the Venetian it was already 6:15pm. We went to the ticket counter where we were ready to plead with them and tell them our story, but to our surprise they gave us the tickets with no problem. We then walked over to the restaurant to see if maybe we could possibly get our reservations switched to the following night since we were already late. The restaurant was Pinot Brasserie in the Ventian. An extremely lovely and elegant restaurant. Again to our surprise, we were quickly seated. The waitress came out and said that she knew she only had a short time to get us in and out of there, and she did. We had a 3-course meal and the food was incredible! I am so grateful to our waitress, the chef, the servers, and the entire staff for being so courteous and working with us. I highly recommend this restaurant! It is French cuisine at it's finest! To learn more about this place, click here. And if you take a trip to Vegas, this place will be well worth your while to visit. Jon ordered the linguini with clams and mussels and I got the filet mignon. Both meals came with a salad and a chocolate croissant pudding for dessert. We ordered the house wine. Sorry that the quality of the pictures is not so good. I didn't want to have my flash on in the restaurant. Let me just say that these photos don't do our meal justice!

So we were out of the restaurant by 6:50pm. Plenty of time to make it back to Phantom Theater. Yep, that's right! We were going to see Phantom of the Opera. I was ecstatic! I have been wanting to see this show since I can remember. The inside of the theater was breath taking! I wish so bad I could have taken pictures but they are really strict about that. Once seated in the theater, we had our seats upgraded since they weren't sold out. We were seated in the center directly under the chandelier, where apparently a lot of the big parts of the show take place. The show was just as great as I thought it would be!

After the show had ended, we walked around a bit and decided to walk over to the Bellagio. I really wanted Jon to see the fountain show {remember this was his first time in Vegas}. After the fountain show, we decided we would get a bus pass since my feet were close to being non-functional at that point. The plan was to go back to our room at the Stratosphere, go up to the observation deck to take a look around, and then head back to the strip to see everything we missed. The plan would not go down so smooth...

We got back to our room, got changed and headed up to the top. Let me just put it out there right now...I am extremely afraid of elevators! Jon has a very hard time getting me to go on them. I am incredibly claustrophobic. I accidentally locked myself in a closet when I was really little {only for a couple of minutes} and I think that may have played a big part in it as well. So I was feeling very uneasy about getting into that little elevator to go up to the top. Even though I have done it before. I think I was more nervous this time because while we were waiting in line to get on the elevator, it looked like the girl who worked there had to open the elevator doors manually to get them to open. I couldn't be too sure though because there were a lot of people. So we went up to the top and had a look around at the amazing view of the strip then headed back. We got in the elevator to go back down with 8 other people {not including us}. The elevator seemed very shaky and as soon as I made a comment about it to Jon, it stopped completely. So we were stuck...in the elevator...in the LITTLE elevator...with a lot of other people. It was my biggest fear coming to life. I immediately started panicking of course, although tried to maintain my composure so the people around us couldn't tell. That only lasted so long. I had to constantly be asking the kid who rode up and down in the elevator what the update was. He was communicating with other staffers on the elevator phone but was not sharing the info with us. And I had to know. I had to know what exactly was happening. I had to know if we were even close to being rescued. I had to know if I had to take matters into my own hands and dial the fire department {which I was about 5 minutes away from doing and yes, I got cell phone reception!}. I felt like I was going to vomit and pass out at the same time. I had to sit down because my knees were buckled up. Come to find out, they had to call the elevator maintenance people who had all already gone home for the night. We were stuck in that {hot, sweaty, loud, cramped} elevator for 45 minutes. It seemed like days.

When we were finally let out, we expected to see someone from the managerial staff there to see how we were doing. That didn't happen. There was a woman there who asked if the big group of people in front of us were okay, but just stared at us as we walked by. We went back to the room. I felt so sick, there was no way I could go back out on the strip. Our room was on the 11th floor and of course there was no way I wanted to get back on an elevator to get there. But after Jon explained that escalators don't go to the 11th floor, the only other choice would be to walk up the stairs. At this point, my feet were blistered and bleeding and full of band aids. There was no way I was going to be able to walk up 11 flights of stairs. So I had no choice. We got back on the elevator for about 5 seconds and I was flipping out the entire time.

We got back to our room and Jon immediately called the desk to speak to a manager. He told them that he expected to see a manger there after we got off the elevator, to which they replied there was one there. Well, if there was one there, he probably should have spoke up because every single person who was in that elevator walked out and downstairs with nothing from anyone. Because of the "inconvenience", they gave us $50 in free room service and late check out. The next day we went to go check out. Not only did they try to make us pay for the room service, but Jon also had problems in the elevator in the parking garage when he was loading our stuff. So the point of this little story is NEVER stay at the Stratosphere hotel! And don't let anyone you actually care about stay there either. It was a nightmare and the entire staff was completely rude and unhelpful. They kept trying to fix one problem by creating more problems. Way to ruin someone's vacation guys! It's a good thing our room was nice or we would have just walked out the first night.

These pictures were taken the first night before the whole elevator incident.

So now it was Friday afternoon and we were heading to where we needed to go to get my stuff {read previous post if you are confused}. We got there only to find out that my stuff was not there and someone else had already taken it all with them. So everything I needed to get {the whole point of us going out there}, I didn't. Apparently there was some misunderstanding and hopefully it will get worked out later. I did, however, manage to walk away with a few things.

After we finished there, we headed over to my best friend Katie's house {she is only a couple of houses down from where we were}. This is a girl that I love dearly. She moved out to Vegas with me and was there for me during my entire pregnancy. I don't know what I would have done without her! We spent the rest of the day with her and her fiancee. Who are one adorable couple I might add! I always have a blast hanging out with them and they are truly good people. In the afternoon, we headed to Red Rock Canyon so that I can snap some photos. But by the time we got there, it was getting dark so the photos didn't come out so good.

We decided to spend the evening back out on the strip so Jon could see some of the stuff we missed the previous night. And Katie let me borrow some shoes that were so much easier on my feet! 

 The cute couple
 This brings me to my favorite part of the trip.As we were walking by the Bellagio, the fountain show started. We decided to stop and watch. The song that was being played was "Time To Say Goodbye" by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. A WAY better show than the previous night! A few seconds into the song, Jon grabbed my hand and pulled me to dance. So there we were...my love and I dancing in front of the Bellagio with water misting all around us. It somehow made all the bad things that happened during the trip disappear...

We ended the night having dinner at New York, New York with money Katie had won earlier, where I had the best steak quesadilla {something I had been craving all night for some reason} I have ever had in my life! It was perfect. Or maybe it just seemed perfect because I was surrounded by good friends, and my wonderful love who made this whole trip possible!

The next morning we headed home where I was welcomed by a happy, energetic little cuddle bug. I couldn't have asked for anything better...well, actually...I definitely could have done without the whole elevator incident!

 Home Sweet Home



  1. It looks like y'all had a great time. I love Vegas. We're planning to go back in Oct. We stayed at the Venetian last time & loved it. We're trying to decide if we want to stay there again or try one of the new places.

  2. To be more precise, it was I who decided we were going to walk. Sorry about that one. Next time we will stay somewhere in the middle of the strip!

  3. Traci: I am so jealous! I would LOVE to actually stay at the Venetian! :-)

    Jon: I know. I just love you so much that I didn't want to write "I TOLD YOU!" :-)