Welcome To The Family, Little Fishy...

Today we went out for a day of window shopping. However, we did manage to pick up a couple of things, including some bubble bath for Punkin at Babies R Us. Our final stop was at Petco to just "look around". Which actually led to us bringing home this little guy...

Of course he has been affectionately named Nemo. Punkin was very adamant about naming him this, even though she has said quite a few times, "that's not really Nemo!" But it was her fish so it was her choice {and we tried suggesting every name that we could possibly think of}. I thought it would be good to get her a fish. She was VERY excited to bring him home and "put him in his home and feed him his fishy food." Even though she did make an interesting comment {see below} about him later. Yes, she is limited to what she can do with Nemo, but my her responsibility is to look after him and feed him every day. She is very excited about this!

 Before the water...

 After the water...

The comment that she had made earlier was actually a little funny. On our way home, Punkin said "I so excited to go home and eat the fishy!" Oops. I had to explain to her that Nemo is the kind of fishy that we do not eat. She gave me the kind of look that told me she was content with my answer, but still didn't get it. Thankfully, when we got home she got right to taking care of Nemo and didn't even try to eat him once! Success!

I put the food pellets on the table and let her pick them up and count them as she dropped them in...



  1. She's too funny! The fish is cute. I'll say some extra prayers that it lives a long fishy life so you don't have to explain that to her!!

  2. She is so cute! I want a fish tank so badly...hubs says no! :(

  3. We have fishy's too. My children love them. I am following you from the hop.

  4. I love the pictures! She is so cute!

  5. I still say it's name is Memo because that is how she pronounces it.