Punkin Update

It's been a while since I have done one of these. I probably wouldn't even be doing it now, but time is flying by and Punkin is growing up so fast. She is 2 years old and everywhere we go, people are shocked at how young she still is. Not only because she is measuring the same height as a 4-year-old, but because she is so incredibly smart! It's truly amazing! People ask her questions and she answers them as though she knows exactly what she is talking about...and she does! You can carry on a full conversation with this child.

Since she turned two, she has been very independent. She uses regular cups and dishes and eats at the adult table with no booster! Yay! She has slept in her toddler bed (or as she calls it, her "big girl" bed) that is all Tinkerbelled-out, also since she turned two. I have her help me cook dinner, she helps serve herself, and she gets to pick out her own clothes (most of the time). She has also been learning to dress herself. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part...she has also been COMPLETELY potty-trained for a long time now! That's right, no more money being dumped into buying pull-ups! She is so good about it, too. She only had one accident that was during the night while we were doing the whole potty-training thing. She pretty much just started wearing underwear overnight. It was so easy and I am SO grateful!

She asks a lot of questions now and understands when I give her the answer...and if she doesn't understand, she will continue to ask me questions until she does. I am honest with her, however, I still try to keep any answers age-appropriate. She has a good memory. She only needs to see or hear something once and it sticks with her. At the end of the day, I ask her what we did that day and she can give me an (honest) recap of everything we did and everything she ate. She is a good problem solver and can give me reasons why she can/can't do something. For example: this morning, she was trying to move her drawing table to it's original spot. She picked it up and put it back down, then said, "I can't do it, Mom. It's too big and I'm just too little." So I asked her, "Well then what are you going to do?" She looked at it a moment and said, "I'm gonna have to push it." So she pushed it back to where it is supposed to go.

She can count to 20. She knows almost all colors and shapes and can point them out when we are out. Colors she knows perfectly right now are: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, and Black. We are working on brown and grey. Shapes she knows are: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond, Heart, and Crescent. We are working on pentagon and hexagon. She can point out these shapes while we are working on them, but can't quite relate them to real-life yet. I have started home-preschooling her, and she absolutely loves it! It's also exciting for me, 'cause now I can start updating the homeschooling section of my blog and getting lesson plans posted! Woo-hoo!

I think that about wraps up where Punkin is at and what she has been up to. It makes me so happy, and incredibly grateful, to know that I have the opportunity to be home with her and aid in her development as she grows. I am truly blessed.

Photos from oldest to newest...
At the San Diego Zoo

Playing in the water at family's house

Taking her baby doll for a stroll


Visiting Great-Grandpa on his birthday

At Shogun on Mother's Day

She's a Supergirl!


Whip that hair, girl!

Visiting the lake

First swim of the season

Running around at the Safari Park

Sleeping in her "big girl" bed

Lake time!

Getting dirty at a party

4th of July


Having a blast

Out to breakfast

Harvest Crusade at the Anaheim Stadium. Yes, it was hot!

Lounging by the pool

Big girl!

So pretty!

Love that face!

Strolling along the beach

Playing in the sand

My baby is growing up so fast!!! :-(



  1. Oh wow she sounds like she is developing so well. My godson is about to turn 2 and he is doing well too!

  2. Such a little cutie! Glad she's doing so well!