I'm an Auntie!

After waiting very impatiently the last couple of days {I'm talking about me, of course}, my little sister finally gave birth to her first baby this afternoon at 4:39pm, via c-section.  A healthy baby girl. Weighing in at 7 pounds and 10 ounces, and measuring 19 inches long. She came one week earlier than her due date, however it worked out best for everyone. My sister definitely did not have an easy time during her pregnancy. But mommy and baby are both doing great! She is so beautiful, and has almost as much hair as Punkin did when she was born.
So happy for my sister's new family and I pray that God will bless them and be with them on this new and exciting journey.

♥ Welcome to the world baby Alexis! You are already loved so much by so many!!! ♥ 

Daddy & baby

Open eyes!

My new little niece and I

Baby A and her Grandma

I'm sensing a baby photo shoot coming up very soon! :-)

A few photos from my sister's pregnancy...

At the OC Street Fair

Rubbing the belly for luck :-)

70's/Disco party

"Dere's a baby in dere!" ~ Punkin

Thank you, Lord...for all of your wonderful blessings!



  1. Congratulations!!! She's beautiful!

  2. Congratulations!! She's precious!

    I'm having problems commenting so that's why the post is anonymous.

    Traci - http://thetracichronicles.blogspot.com

  3. Congratulations!! She's precious!

  4. you and your sister are adorable! congrats on becoming an auntie...im waiting on my little niece or nephew soon too!