The Itch

I have to be honest...I always wanted to have another baby before I even had Punkin. I wanted her to have another sibling. I want her to experience all the things I experienced with my sister and brothers {I am one of four}. These last few months, I have really been wanting to get on track with a lot of things. I want to start taking online classes and finish my education, for one. There are a lot of things that need to be done before I have another baby. Just like there are things that need to be done before Jon and I get married. We have a plan. A plan for our lives. Ultimately, God is in control and knows our future...but we are set to do things the right way and we pray that God will bless us on our journey. I must admit, however, that spending days around this...

And this...

And definitely this...


...it makes me fall in love. Hello, how can I not want this again after looking at that precious face? It's a good thing my sister only lives 10 minutes away and I can indulge in my urge without gaining another 35 pounds!



  1. He is adorable! But I hear you...I don't have any babies yet but my sister is pregnant and as soon as i hold the little one I going to be itching like crazy!

  2. We will have another ... or 7. :P jk

    About the 7 that is.