The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

So...now that it is the day of Halloween, I guess this would be as good a time as any to share the very disturbing images I have in my head right now. No, I am not talking about these scary movies that have been playing repeatedly on television. I am not talking about all of these scary looking masks and costumes that have now made their way off the once crowded shelves, leaving remnants of ripped price tags and empty space. I'm not even talking about the three {count them: THREE!} small grey hairs I found strewn out the top of my head last week {I think I can definitely blame stress for that one!}.  No, my dear readers...what I am talking about is the stuff nightmares are made of. True horror is when you are in your backyard having quality time with family, fetching balls for your toddler because you are teaching her how to throw farther than a foot, you look up in your big, once-beautiful tree and you see this:

Can't quite see what it is? Here, let me help...

Still didn't get a very good look? How 'bout this...

How in the world does this happen??? I mean, I know how it happens...but how does something like this happen without anyone noticing? Does anyone know how fast these things are built? I mean, how long has this thing been up there? How long has every bee in our county been hanging out in our tree? And more importantly, how the heck do we get rid of it???  The weird thing is, we saw about 20 dead bees lying on the ground on the back porch before we saw this thing. So of course, being the calm, rational, level-headed person I am, I naturally thought about what we are going to do when the bees slowly start to make their way into our home. Sneaking into our attic and building their giant nest and planning their take-over when we all fall asleep. Okay, maybe I have seen one too many scary movies. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Nevertheless, knowing this thing is hanging right outside is scary. Scarier than everything I saw while watching Paranormal Activity 3 this weekend and that movie was pretty darn creepy.



  1. Wow!! I've heard of this happening elsewhere too. NOt sure how and how fast but I hope you know how to get rid of them.

    Following you from MOnday hop


  2. ok... WOW!!! that would be totally scary! lol hope it is all taken care of now! thanks for linking up to the party!

  3. yikes! Although it is quite cool to look at- you know, from my distance here in the blog world ;)

    Happy to have found you through Jenilee!