Questions From a Toddler

Punkin: Mom, I want to see Jesus.
Me: You will someday. Everybody will someday.
Punkin: But I want to see Him right now. Where does he live?
Me: He is in Heaven. He is also always with you to protect you but you can't see him. Someday you will be able to see Him, though.
Punkin: I want to go to Heaven to see Him. And to see Grandpa.
Me: Someday you will. Not right now. But you can talk to Him if you want.
Punkin: Where is Jesus right now?
Me: In Heaven
Punkin: Where's Heaven?
Me: ..........Where Jesus is.

This is what happens when your two-year-old is way too smart for her age. I want to be honest with her...but I don't want to give her so much information that it scares her or confuses her. I try my best to talk to her and give her information that I think is age developmentally appropriate. I want her to ask questions. I want her to learn. I just keep reminding myself that she is only two years old. It doesn't seem like it. Thus far, she always seems content with the {short} answers.

But what happens when her questions actually start to confuse me? After all, if you are a person of faith, you know that there are going to be some questions that can't be answered. Questions that as an adult, you have even asked yourself from time to time. We all go through times when we question things. Especially when they are things we cannot see. As a Christian, I know to turn to the Bible for answers. And as a woman of faith, I know that there is not always going to be an answer.

Noun:         1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something
                    2. Belief that is not based on proof
                    3. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion

I do have a strong belief in God. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that "all things work together for good"  (Romans 8:28). It still doesn't stop me from questioning why certain things happen, though. As I know Punkin will someday, too.

I went in to church tonight with a heavy heart. A heart full of love and joy that has been weighed down by stress and uncertainty. I left feeling like a little of that weight had been lifted, as I said this prayer:

"Lord,  I am a sinner. I am so far from ever being a perfect person...and you love me unconditionally anyway. Morals and values today are slipping away so quickly. I am continuously surrounded by people who lie, steal and cheat their way through life...and they see nothing wrong with it. In fact, they have others supporting these actions...because they too, do the same thing. Sometimes it seems unfair. It seems like the bad and evil always win. I question things. I question You. However, I know in my heart that this isn't true. I know that the rewards of those who are good, are waiting for them in a far better place. I pray that I am always reminded of this when I feel discouraged. I pray that you watch over my daughter. Help her grow to be a woman of faith. To know that there are not always going to be answers to everything, and that's okay. Keep her morals strong so that she is not influenced by those who have negative intentions. Help her to know that even though she is surrounded by so many people who love her, she has the greatest parent a child can ever have...a Father in Heaven who will always love her and be there to guide her, even though she can't see Him. Let us be thankful for each day as we wake up in the morning and as we go to sleep at night. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."



  1. Definitely tough to explain to a child & you're right, it's hard for an adult too! Good luck!

  2. I always loved how my kids came up with such great questions that caused me to think, stretch and grow. Kids are such great sandpaper as they help refine and polish us to be more and more like Him!

  3. I hate the questions that I don't have a good answer for. I told my daughter that Heaven is a place where Jesus followers go when they die. You know the next question right?
    Bells-Mom, where do people who don't love Jesus go?
    Me-Who wants to watch Bubble Guppies?
    I avoided that one.....for now. How do you explain hell to a 3 year old?

  4. I love how children are so inquisitive..i think you answered it well but it can be tough to explain difficult thhings to kids...i couldn't agree more with Alida's sentiments!

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  6. I love that she is asking questions already.

    I have a 4 and 6 year old and the questions do get more thoughtful. If there is something I don't know, I tell them I don't know but we can research, ask our pastor or wait for Jesus to tell us.

    I also understand that there isn't always an answer for everything and I feel alright with that and waiting for God.

    Very good article.