To Watermark...or Not To Watermark?

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. Not because I think I am such a pro with the camera and people are just dying to use my images (although it may a dream of mine), but because it's more of a security issue. Especially when posting personal photos. The internet is the biggest place in the world and you never know how or where a photo of yours may end up. 

For a while, I was watermarking every image I posted on my blog. Sometimes, I was doing it quite unsuccessfully {remember this post??? Aye!} 

Not a successful watermark. Unless you are purposely trying to make your images look distracting!?

Watermarking was definitely something that I needed to learn more about. I experimented with all types of watermarks. Dark and light, big and small, different fonts, different colors, should I place the watermark across the whole photo, or should I just place it a corner? Most times I placed a very translucent watermark across the entire image. I didn't feel that placing a small watermark in the corner of the photo, did the job. After all, this isn't a signature of my work...the purpose of a watermark is to prevent theft and copying of your images. All a person had to do was crop off the corner or small piece that contained the "watermark". I was especially concerned about this when it came to personal photos of friends and family. 

I have been thinking about this for some time and had been talking with some other popular bloggers whose sites are made famous by their wonderful images. More often than not (especially when it comes to food and photography blogs), bloggers do not watermark their images. Some do, however. Some have right-click disabled on their site. I refuse to do this, as I find it extremely annoying. I like to be able to open other pages in different tabs without losing my place when I am visiting sites. And what's up with bloggers who have right-click disabled when you need to enter your link into their linky list? Am I the only person who lives by the copy and paste method??? I can't do that if right-click is disabled. Again, annoying.

Another blogger informed me that she does not use watermarks, but she uses copy and protect options through the site she hosts her photos through. This is a great idea and I had no idea photo hosting/sharing sites did this. When you click on her image, it automatically takes you to the place where she has her photos uploaded. However, you can still right-click the image on her blog and save it if you really wanted to. Again, I am only concerned about photos of family. I'm thinking maybe I will watermark those photos and then not watermark the others I post for recipes and such? Or just try to refrain from personal photos all-together? Any images I post for recipes or photography I would rather not watermark. I don't want to disrupt the image. I just don't want to see the face of a relative somewhere it doesn't belong and know that I was responsible for that image getting there. I still have some debating to do on this one. 

What do all of you think? How successful do you think watermarking is? Are there any other options that you or someone you know has been successful with? I would love to hear any ideas and suggestions! I will keep you all updated!



  1. I've thought about it but not a lot. I guess I probably should though.

  2. Ive tried watermarking but honestly I don't even know if I do mine right! I like the idea of using the hosting sites for the pictures. Hubby hates any kind of pictures of him online!