Running on Empty: Christmas Weekend Recap

Oh, my...there were so many posts that I had wanted to do last week and just didn't have the time. Christmas photos, a project, and a few recipes. I'll post the recipes for sure throughout this week.

The week before Christmas was a little hectic. Punkin was going to be spending Christmas weekend with her dad out of state this year. It was going to be her first full weekend away so it was definitely a little hard. What was even harder, however, was that the day before she was supposed to leave, I noticed her eye was a little red...and since I can spot pink eye from a mile away, I immediately took her in so I could get her eye drops and hopefully get her feeling a little better before she left (she had a bit of a cold for the few days before). Come to find out at our visit, she had pink eye and strep throat. Aye! So we ended up needing eye drops and antibiotics. She came home Sunday evening and we celebrated Christmas with our family that night. I'll post the photos at the end of this post. She is definitely doing better now and today is the last day for the eye drops. Yay!

Punkin had only asked for a few things to be put on her Christmas list, which was good. I want to keep our Christmas traditions about the main reason for the season...the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I want her to grow up knowing that the holiday season is more about giving than receiving. Of course right now she is only two years old, so that concept is a little out of her realm at the moment.

The only big item she had on her list was a bike. She sees her uncle Josh (he's 9 years old - my youngest brother) and her cousins riding bikes, and wanted one pretty bad. This would be her first real bike (unlike last year's pink Power Wheels ATV quad). While on a swapmeet trip a couple of weeks before, I found one of those really old-time tricycles. You know...the Radio Flyer-type red ones? It was pretty beat up but in decent riding shape. You can tell all of the years had caught up with it.

They were selling it for $15, but after my Mom worked her charm, we got it for $8. I knew that for the price it was going to cost to fix it up, we could have just bought a regular trike, but that wasn't the point. This bike was old...it had character and every dent was a story in it's history. It was a classic. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could get it fixed up enough for Punkin to ride it. I had one week. Actually, less than that since the only time I was able to work on it was during the one hour nap time each day. I also wasn't counting on having a sick toddler!

I definitely wanted to keep the classic red color. I also knew (after being told over and over) that I wasn't going to have the time to sand down the entire bike and re-paint it. We would just have to clean up and buffer the existing paint as much as we could.

As you can see, all this rust would definitely need to be the first thing to go. My Mom's friend took the entire bike apart...

We grabbed some latex gloves and this stuff...

and we got to work. My Mom and her friend are definitely the ones who made this project possible. They worked hard and I am very thankful.

The chrome piece and the red piece were taken apart but I held them together for the photo so you can see the major difference of just what scrubbing all of the rust off can do.

We spray painted the spokes and inside of the wheels using white spray paint/primer.

Even though the bike was red, Punkin says on a daily basis, "Pink is my favorite color!" (she can also tell you everyone else's favorite color as well). So we needed to add girly touches. We found a white basket with pink and purple accents. The bike had white accents so the basket would have been fine, but I needed to find a way to tie all of the other colors together. Enter in the super-cute and totally girly-girl tassels and handlebar grips.

Lovin' the beads!

Add a cute pink and purple air horn...

and we have our adorable little trike!

Something tells me that she is not going to mind the fact that it is a little mismatched and still has a few dents.

Now it is time for some of our Christmas photos. 

Luckily, she had already done her stocking and got everything else ready before she got sick.

Christmas Night...

I think I saw that movie over a hundred times when I was little!

Last but not least...

Yep, she loved it!

I think after we got everything for the bike, the total came to be just under $40 (including the price of the actual trike). Not bad, not bad at all. Also, thanks to our wacky SoCal weather, we have had sunny days these past couple of days so she has been enjoying her bike very much.

Even though it was hard not having Punkin on Christmas, it was nice that Jon and I got to spend our first Christmas together as a married couple. I'm very lucky to have him. I was even more excited after opening one of my gifts...

"The bible of authentic Italian cooking". Is this man awesome or what? Over 2,000 recipes...

This book should keep me busy for a while. I'll be sure to share the recipes with all of you as I try them out.

We were supposed to celebrate Christmas with my whole side of the family on Sunday, but since most of everyone was sick, we re-scheduled it for this Saturday. It's always fun to get together with my family since there are so many of us, so I look forward to that. Right now I'm glad to have that little break. I am so exhausted. I feel like I'm running on empty. I feel like I haven't quite caught up to where I should be. I hope I am not getting sick!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish all of you a Happy New Year. May your 2012 be filled with many blessings!


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  1. Y'all did an awesome job on the bike! I feel old that you watched Lion King when you were a kid. I was grown before it came out! So glad y'all had a Merry Chirstmas!