Christmas #2 and New Year's: In Photos

Yes, I realize that I am a couple of weeks late with this post. I apologize, as it has been a very busy time and I am determined to getting back to my blog on a regular basis. We celebrated Christmas with my extended family on New Year's Eve. So it was two celebrations in one. Hope the new year is treating you all well!

My little brother Josh got to play Santa this year. This was the first year we had one of the kids do it. He felt honored and did a good job considering the difficulty it is to pass out presents when there are about 4o people around. There were many more photos but I didn't want to create picture overload on my blog. As you can see, it was a happy and fun time for all. Punkin got to spend time with her cousins, which she absolutely loves! There is nothing better than having family together and having a good time.


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