One Morning...

Punkin is sitting at the table eating her breakfast. I am right next door in the kitchen. Then I hear her yell to me...

Punkin: Mom! I need to go to Target!
Me: What do you need to go to Target for?
Punkin: I need to get some new clothes!
Me: For what? You have plenty of cute clothes.
Punkin: But I need more dresses!
Me: Why? Where do you plan on going?
Punkin: To Target!

Why is my two-year-old so concerned with clothes already? Should I be worried? Is this a sign of things to come? I love my Punkin... and I wish that she would stop getting so smart so fast!


  1. I know! My daughter is 6 and some of the things she says and does has me worried. She talks about how no one said the liked her hair or her outfit. She talks about how she must look cute when she steps out of the house. Why can't they just be kids and worry about playing with their toys or going to the park.

  2. I agree! Kids these days are just too smart for their own good!

  3. Adorable--love that conversation! My daughter's love of clothes started about that age too. Not to worry! You will have fun shopping! (My baby girl is now 18...sigh.)

  4. Tha's hilarious! If she's like this at 2 just imagine what 16 will be like!