How Do you Spell Crazy?

Major apologies for not having posted anything in a while. I know I am quite behind on this blog. I intended to take a couple of days to catch up on it. I have SO many wonderful recipes to get on here! However, my laptop decided to die on me a couple of weeks ago...without having finished backing up all my photos! *insert facepalm here* And of course all of our desktop computers are being "re-built". Doh!

So yes, life has been quite busy recently (understatement of the century!). This week in particular...because guess who is turning 3 in a few days???

Yep! Punkin is going to be turning 12 years old 3 years old on Monday, however, we will celebrate her birthday on Saturday. We will celebrate it with my family the same time we celebrate Easter. As if getting everything ready for the party (cake, games, party favors, decorations, etc.) isn't enough work, I am making a tutu to complete Punkin's birthday outfit. Yes, I know it's going to be a bit crazy, but that's the fun part right? I promise I will be back as soon as I can and when I do, you are all in for a treat! I hope all of you lovely readers have a wonderful Easter! Eats lots of chocolate! I know I plan to!


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