~ Cousins ~

I am so thankful that my sister had a baby girl. Not only do her and Punkin adore each other, but just in case Punkin doesn't end up getting a sister in the future, I'm grateful that she will have a {girl} cousin who will be close in age. I think it's important for little girls to have that sisterly bond with someone as they grow older. To share stories and help each other and hang out together and give/receive advice. To have sleepovers with...of course you can do this with close friends as well. I just grew up in a large family and having a sister so close in age to me, I know how important it is to have someone who will always be there for you. No matter how good or how bad things get...no matter how much you fight and scream at each other...because few things are as important as the love of family.

Of course with as big as our family is, Punkin has plenty of cousins who love her more than anything. I hope this is something that gets carried on down the line...just as my Grandpa taught us.



  1. I love the pictures of your daughter and your niece. I come from a big family and also know how important family is. I am glad to hear that your daughter has a girl cousin that is close to her age. Thank you for stopping by my blog!!