Updates and a Little Help From my Readers

How can you not miss that face?
I'm going to try to be catching up on some blog posts and reading this week. Punkin is at her Dad's house for the week and I miss her like crazy!!! I should probably try to turn some of that sadness into productivity. I have so much I need to get done this week, it's insane. I doubt I will be able to complete it all before she gets back, but I'm definitely going to try. I have some very good posts coming your way. I have recipes, some restaurant and food reviews, lesson plans, and some more updates to get up on my blog. You may have noticed a slight change to the look of my blog. I had been working so hard trying to get it to exactly how I wanted it but took a little break to design a couple of blogs for friends. Now that those are finished (I'm still kept pretty busy with other projects), I can turn some more focus to my blog. It's getting there. One thing that has been greatly annoying are the not-so-attractive photos of my recipes from when I first started blogging. Talk about a huge difference, sheesh. Looks like I'm going to have to re-do those particular recipes so I can get new photos.

Everything here has been good. I've been kept busy with side projects, apartment hunting, and getting everything ready so I can go back to school (I don't miss testing). Again, I will be doing just online classes for now. We will probably most definitely be moving around September, though it will not be very far from where we are now. I never thought trying to find the right place would be so difficult. Especially when we already know what city we will be living in. It has turned out to be a bigger deal than I thought, as there is so much to take into consideration. I don't mind doing what I have to though. Poor Hubby has been so exhausted between working his 2 jobs and now starting school full-time, yet somehow still finds time for our family on a daily basis. He's such a great man. I have so much respect for him and appreciate him so much.

I still don't have a update about my health situation. If you read this post I did about my thyroid, then you might remember what's been going on. I will hopefully have some new information to share with you when I have my full physical at the end of September. Yes, I do have to wait that long. It's what you have to do here, unfortunately, when you want to see a good doctor who actually knows what they are doing (read above mentioned post for further details).

Um...I'm really ready for fall!!!

We had been wanting to take the kids to Disneyland very soon, however, after taking Punkin to Downtown Disney the other night and dealing with the massive amount of people, we are now going to wait 'til summer is over and everyone is back to school. It was still a fun evening though (more on that in a following post). By the way, the butterflies have been having a party in our garden lately (if you can't tell).

A very dear friend of mine that I've known since my college days in San Diego recently just had a baby girl. She's coming up to visit tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. You know what else that means? Another baby photo shoot! Yay!!!

So, I have a question for all of my blog friends out there. I had set up a Facebook and Twitter account for my blog (since that is what is suggested we do for blog marketing) a while back. I have 3 other sites that I have been working on for other projects of mine, though my blog is my main site and my main priority. My question is...how do you keep up with all of these social media outlets??? My business Facebook page is linked with my main FB account (which I hardly have time for either these days) and I think I may have tweeted 4 times since getting that started. Is there a trick to keeping track and up-to-date on all of these? An easier way that I just don't know about? I see people updating their blogs 2 or 3 times a day, while tweeting and updating their FB statuses every hour. How is this possible? Especially when I spend all of my time with a 3-year-old? If there is a secret out there that I just don't know about, someone please share! It would be greatly appreciated. Especially before all of my social media sites become ghost towns.


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  1. I'm tired just reading about everything you've got going on! Don't forget to have a little you time while you're kidless this week!