Where is Fall???

It must be arriving late...because surely this 86 degree weather in our southern California "coastal" city is not what I consider Fall weather! Although the Weather Channel is reporting that it is supposed to be getting drastically cooler and possibly even start raining. I hope this is right. I also hope it stays that way. Because wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops in December is just not okay.

Not that I have any time to worry about the weather, really. Between preparing for the little man's arrival, work, doctor appointments and many other obligations, I don't have much time for anything right now. There is less than 10 weeks before baby is here!!! I really can't believe that I'm getting to the finish line. I'm in that end zone where time is flying by and standing still at the same time. Not sure how that works but yeah, that's how it's going. I feel incredibly overwhelmed with everything and I'm not even really sure why. We ordered the baby furniture already, we're pretty much done with Christmas shopping, and hubby and my mom are taking care of my "surprise" baby shower. By "surprise" I mean I know it's coming but have no idea where or when.

And speaking of Christmas shopping...why does it seem that toys for young children are costing more and more for only mediocre product? Many of the items Punkin put on her Christmas list are pretty costly. And even though we have had lengthy talks about the real meaning of Christmas and how she will be appreciative of whatever she gets, I find that this problem isn't really entirely her fault. Toys (as well as kids clothes, shoes and everything else) are getting more and more expensive. I have bought her toys that cost somewhere in the ballpark of $25-$40, only to have them break or fall apart shortly after. I was told it was because they were cheap toys. They must have meant cheaply made or maybe I just have high expectations that a $40 talking doll should not stop working when you try to move her arms for her (because apparently her plastic doesn't like that very much even though there was no warning about it anywhere). So now I have trust issues and spend hours going through reviews just for one toy. But I find that it has paid off. Not to mention, Punkin's clothes and shoes cost more than mine do. Her clothes and shoes that she only wears for a couple of months because at 4 years old she is already 4 feet tall (I'm 5'7! Scary!) and her body and brain have not got the memo that a "growth spurt" should happen in stages and not all at once. This is why I did Christmas shopping early, fyi. Hubby is more of a "I like to do my shopping the week before Christmas because that's when they have the best items and the best deals". Whatever floats your boat. Unlike me, he has the patience to do that. Good for him.

Looking back at that little rant in the last paragraph it is very apparent that I have official pregnancy brain so I apologize for any randomness you may experience while on my page.

So even though a lot of the days here have been hot and ridiculous, we've had nice ones too. Fall just hasn't been quite the same this year but that's okay. I still took time to pretend that we have had nice fall weather and got some pretty nice snapshots of the kiddos. Although they aren't nearly as nice as they would have been had the weather acted in it's appropriate season, but that's okay. I've got some posts that I am going to try to catch up on here soon so just be patient with me please. I know I take longer blogger breaks than I should but I will get back to normal soon. Oh, who am I kidding...I better make a plan and start getting things updated and straightened out around here when I go on maternity leave because once this baby comes, I doubt I will have all the free time on my hands that I hope think I will. He's already active and out of control and his constant kicks are enough to knock the wind out of me and make me double-over in pain. But hey, as long he's healthy he can abuse me as much as he wants. I will be back soon my lovely readers. Until then, I leave you with some photos of Punkin and her cousin that I took at the pumpkin patch. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Of course once Little J got to our house I had to take him to the pumpkin patch, too.


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  1. Adorable pics!!! We're finally having some cold weather but of course it's in the middle of a bunch of 80+ degree days!