A Little happiness to Brighten Your Day...

Later this week, I'll be doing update posts on the kiddos. Until then, here is a video of Little Man at 8 weeks. He finds it hysterical when we stick our tongues out at him and is already starting to copy us. I'm hoping he won't remember the whole sticking his tongue out thing later on but it is what it is already, I guess. And he's copying everything he is able to at the moment. If we put our arms up, he puts his arms up. Pretty good for 8 weeks, I'd say...but I'm glad I already had the talk with Punkin about modeling good behavior! :)

And since we're on the whole video thing, here is an older one of him around 6 weeks old...

Too bad my Instagram app doesn't let me upload videos, or I'd just direct you over there. Well, I hope these little smiles bring a smile to your face!


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