Little Man Update

3 Months Old

 Little Man is now 3 months old. Time is flying by! Just like his older sister, he's maturing so quick. It's a good thing but then it also makes me sad because he just seems that much older at such a young age. Hubby likes to give me a hard time because I always said that we were probably going to have a little monster with this second baby since I was told that if your first baby was easy and really good, the second one would be the opposite. That you never get lucky twice. Well, we did and I am grateful every minute of every day for another smart, happy and loving baby.

Here are a few of the milestones Little Man has hit so far:

  • He sleeps 12-13 hours every night (you have no idea how grateful I am for that!)
  • He's holding his head very well and is already starting to sit with a little support.
  • He smiles constantly and has started to giggle loudly.
  • He's babbling all of the time now and thinks he's actually having conversations with people.
  • He loves to play and be talked to.
  • He loves to cuddle and has started giving kisses (mouth-wide-open, wet, slobbery kisses).
  • He's grasping better. He got a 'Taggies" for Easter and loves it.
  • He's trying to chew on everything...and slobbers a lot, too.
  • He discovered his feet!
  • He adores his big sister.
  • If you are eating in front of him, he will stare at you and move his mouth. I will talk to the doctor at his next check-up about starting solids.
  • He has learned to escape his swing and bouncer! He will lift his entire bottom and push himself down or he has started sitting up and will try to lean forward. Good thing those things have buckles!
  • He does not like to be covered and will kick like crazy until he has pushed his blanket off.

He's trying to escape!

I know the quality of a lot of these pictures isn't very good but the majority of them are cell phone pics (in some not-so-good lighting) and I just don't have the time to edit them all.

First time eating a little rice cereal (right photo)

Daddy's boy

And here you can see some of his babbling...

Never mind the mess in the background, we're in the middle of packing.


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