Checking In

Hello, lovely readers!!! My goodness, it has been a while. It's nice to have a minute to hop on, I definitely miss it around here and just have so much to post. I noticed that my last real post was all the way back in May! Aye! That's just not okay. However, if you follow me on Instagram, you're probably pretty caught up with what I've been up to. And if you don't follow me, then you should! :) I have a Windows phone so there is not any good apps good blogging apps for my phone. Which is why it is harder for me to get on here and easier for me to pop into the regular social media sites. Except Twitter...I haven't been very good with that either. Do any of you have Windows phones? If so, do you blog from your phones? Maybe you can recommend a good app that will allow writing posts that include pictures? Because the last time I checked, there were none. Anyway, I'll try to squeeze in a quick update here to catch everyone up. And even though I have a lot of recipes and photos and tutorials to post, I can't promise to get them on here anytime soon. Especially with the holidays coming up. Although, I am taking some time off around Christmas, so maybe I'll get all the goodies on here then.

Do you see that adorable face??? That is Little Man on 4th of July. In less that 2 months my baby is already going to be a year old!!!

*Sad face*
This is just absolutely crazy to me! It truly seems like just yesterday when I couldn't wait for this handsome little guy to be born. Oh, the heart break...

Also, this year Punkin started Kindergarten!!!

We had parent/teacher conference last month and her teacher said that she was doing everything at a third grade level. I told the teacher that she has been wanting to start school since she was 3 years old, haha.

Picture Day

My other baby is growing up so fast, too! What is going on here!? She of course has already made a ton of friends and since we are in a close, up-scale community (which I don't know how we make it sometimes...we are definitely blessed), her and her little group think they are so fancy with their 'Frozen' backpacks, their 'My Little Pony' folders, and their 'Tinkerbell lunch pails. They even all get together for tea parties. With real tea! And scones and sandwiches. And they all get dressed up in their choice of princess costume (including tiaras, shoes and gloves) and talk about the pressures of Kindergarten life. I just can't wait for their teen years! *sarcasm*

Have I mentioned how much these two adore each other!?

Okay, so...let's see, what else...I started working quite a bit with the holidays approaching and I absolutely love it! Hubby and I have pretty hectic schedules during the week...but the fact that one of us is always able to be home with the kids is quite a blessing. I've also been brushing up on my photography skills. I've had quite a few requests for paid photography jobs and while Hubby is incredibly supportive and wants me to make a career out of it, I feel like there is more that I have to learn first. I need to feel comfortable with myself and that I would be giving my clients my best work on a constant basis. By the way, the majority of the photos in this post were taken with my phone. Which, in addition to not having any common apps available, also doesn't have the greatest built-in camera. Oh, well.

Then there was Halloween. I bet you'll never guess what this year's theme was at our house...

"Let it go, let it go..."

Punkin was quite excited that her dress lit up and actually sang that song every time the button on her dress was pushed. Which was a lot, in case you were wondering.

We celebrated at our church's carnival where Punkin scored me over 5 pounds of candy. And half of that was chocolate! The good kind! However, she wasn't too happy that she was only allowed three pieces the whole night. But did I mention that she also had her first dental exam earlier this year and that she had perfect, straight, white sparkly teeth with no cavities??? Yeah, she'll thank me later.

I also had a birthday recently...

I have amazing family friends, along with the greatest (and hottest) husband ever! Hehe...

Okay, well if you managed to make it this far...congratulations! You have reached the end of this post. I would say that I will be back to check in 3 times each and every day this week, but then I'd just be lying. Although, I do promise to be back sooner and more frequently than before. Which is why you need to just go follow me on Instagram. It's fun times over there and I even made it easy for you. All you have to do is click on the Instagram icon to the right of this post. Hope to see all of you there and hope you all are having a wonderful week!



  1. great catching up :) My oldest started kindergarten this year too. while it was wonderful for him, I definitely sniffled a bit ;)